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"[There is] no great genius without a mixture of madness." - Aristotle

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"Suicide is preventable" 1-800-273-8255

Here is the most comprehensive compendium of famous bipolar and depressed people on the Internet. It is unique because it provides links to detailed BIOs of each listed individual. Thi list is constantly updated for your convenience, research or simple curiosity.

These folks either suffer or suffered the mood disorders Bipolar Disorder or Clinical (Major) Depression (Unipolar) You will discover a clear majority are in the Arts and Sciences. Many were suicidesStrong correlations to people with mood disorders are genius, German heritage, genetics and having suffered extreme abuse or trauma. The bipolar link to high IQs and creativity is strong. Co-morbidities very often include substance abuse and anxiety disordersMoments or periods of great stress can trigger bipolar episodes. Bipolar Disorder typically appears first in young adults ages 18 - 30 years, but it can strike anyone at any time.

How can one determine whether or not an ancient or historical figure suffered mania, depression or both? It is actually not too difficult to discern when one marshals the aid of historians, Bible scholars, psychologists, anthropologists and psychiatrists. Here are some of the things they look for to determine manifestation of mood disorders:

  • Subject's behaviors

  • Written historical accounts

  • Situational context

  • Episodic type(s)

  • Episodic depth(s)

  • Episodic duration(s)

  • Episodic frequency

  • Subject confession/profession of state-of-mind (e.g., desiring death)

  • Third-party testamonials, observations of the subject and concomitant events

On the topic of those with mental illness committing acts of violence and murder, please note how few appear below...

You will be amazed at many names you will find in this list...  

 - Jeff   

       A Quick Look: Just a Few Famous Bipolar Disorder Sufferers (9:49)


With regard to mental illness:

"Suicide is not chosen; it happens
when pain exceeds
resources for coping with pain." 


- A -


Julia Acker - depression, Jewish-Polish figurative artist, suicide

Anton Ackermann - depression, East German politician, Minister of Foreign Policy

Chris Acland - depression, British drummer, suicide by hanging

Art Acord - depression, American silent film actor, rodeo champion, suicide by ingesting poison

Angel Acosta Leon - depression, Cuban painter, suicide

St. Thomas Acquinas - depression, Spanish Christian theologian


Fort Acuna - depression, Filipino professional basketball player, coach, suicide

Manuel Acuna - depression, Mexican Poet, suicide by potassium cyanide ingestion

Ken Adachi - depression, Japanese-Canadian writer, critic, suicide

Jean-Francois Adam - depression, French actor, director, suicide

Christian Adamek - depression, American 15-year-old student, streaker, Facebook, YouTube cyberbullied, suicide by hanging

Louis Adamic - depression, Slovene-American author, suicide by gunshot

Ansel Adams - depression, American photographer, environmentalist

Francis Adams - depression, Maltese poet, essayist, novelist, dramatist, journalist, suicide by gunshot

George Washington Adams - depression, eldest son of John Quincy Adams (6th U.S. President), suicide

John Adams - depression, 2nd U. S. President

Marian Hooper Adams - depression, American socialite, noted amateur photographer, suicide by potassium cyanide ingestion 

Nick Adams - depression, American actor, suicide by Paraldehyde and Promazine intoxication

Robert Adams, Jr. - depression, American senator from Pennsylvania, suicide by gunshot

Stanley Adams - depression, American actor, screenwriter, suicide by gunshot

Stuart Adamson - depression, Scottish guitarist and singer, suicide by self-strangulation

Thomas Addison - depression, English physician and scientist, suicide by jumping 9 feet onto his head

Jean Adebambo - depression, British carribean singer, suicide

Jacques d'Adelsward-Fersen - depression, French novelist, poet, suicide by ingesting champaigne/cocaine

Adolphe d'archaic - depression, French geo;ogist, paleontologist, suicide by drowning

Adolphus Frederick VI - depression, last German Grand Duke of Mecklenberg-Strelitz, suicide

Georgette Agutte - depression, French painter, suicide

Caroline Aherne - depression, British comedienne

Alvin Ailey - depression, African-American dancer, choreographer, activist

Ahn Jae-hwan - depression, South Korean actor, suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning

R. Ajay - depression, Indian film director, suicide by hanging

Sergey Akhromeyev - depression, Marshall of the Soviet Union, suicide by hanging

Ryunosuke Akutagawa - depression, Japanese writer, suicide by overdose of barbitol

Clodius Albinus - depression, Roman emperor, suicide 

Alfred - Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, depression, British Royal, suicide by gunshot

Alan Alda - depression, American actor, director, screenwriter, author

Lionel Aldridge - schizophrenic (bipolar?) American NFL football player

Buzz Aldrin - bipolar American astronaut

Dodi Al-Fayed - depression, Egyptian film producer, Princess Diana's boyfriend

Leandro Alem - depression, Argentine politician, suicide by gunshot

Henry Alexander - depression, American painter, suicide by ingesting oxalic acid

Ross Alexander - depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot

Sherman Alexie - bipolar Native American poet, writer, filmmaker

Michael Alfonso - depression, American pro wrestler, suicide by hanging

Prince Alfred of Edinburgh - depression, British Royal, suicide by gunshot

Caitlin Alker - depression, British Facebook-cyber-bullied 19-year-old mother, suicide by hanging

Aris T. Allen, M.D. - depression, American African-American physician, Republican legislator for the State of Maryland, suicide by gunshot

Rigoberto Alpizar - bipolar Costa Rican plane hijacker, shot to death by U.S. Homeland Security

Salvador Allende - depression, Chilean president, physician, suicide by gunshot

Gia Allemand - depression, American model, actress, suicide by hanging 


Wes Allen - depression American, my friend & neighbor, suicide by .22 cal rifle

Chet Allen - depression, American child actor, suicide by taking 5X the lethal dose of his antidepressant

Woody Allen - depression American actor and director

Alvin Alley - bipolar African-American dancer, choreographer, political activist

Jeff Alm - depression, American NFL player, suicide by gunshot

Louis Althusser - bipolar Algerian Marxist philosopher, writer

Jason Altom - depression, Ph. D. Science candidate, suicide by potassium cyanide ingestion

Pedro Alvarez Castello - depression, Cuban artist, suicide 

Jean Amery - depression, Austrian writer, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Claus von Amsberg - depression, German diplomat

Korechika Anami - depression, Japanese War Minister, suicide by disembowelment

Adna Anderson - depression, American Northern Pacific Railroad Engineer-in-Chief, suicide by gunshot

Hans Christian Anderson - bipolar Danish writer

Forrest H. Anderson - depression, American Governor of Montana, suicide by gunshot

Ryan G. Anderson - bipolar court-marshalled Washington State National Guardsman

Louis Anderson - depression, American stand-up comedian, actor

Sophie Anderton - bipolar English model

Keith Andes - depression, American actor: film, radio musical theater, stage, TV, suicide by asphyxiation

Gwili Andre - depression, Danish actress, suicide by self-immolation

Raymond Andrews - depresssion, African-American novelist, suicide by gunshot

Abraham Angel - depression, Mexican painter, suicide by cocaine injection

Michael Angelakos -depression, American indie band lead vocalist, keyboardist

Hideaki Anno - depression, Japanese animator, film director

Adam Ant - bipolar British musician

Mark Antony - depression, Roman politician and general, suicide by sword


Jeremy Applegate -depression American TV, film actor, suicide by gunshot

Marshall Applewhite - depression, Texas cult leader, suicide by drug overdose

Hubert Aquin - depression, Canadian novelist, political activist, essayist, filmmaker, editor, suicide by gunshot

Diane Arbus - depression American photographer, suicide by pills, sliced wrists

Nelly Arcan - depression, Canadian novelist, suicide by hanging

Adolphe d'Archiac - depression, French geologist, paleontologist, suicide by drowning in the Seine River

Jane Arden - depression, Welsh actress, film director, playwright, poet, screenwriter, songwriter, suicide

Reinaldo Arenas -  depression, Cuban-American artist, writer, suicide by drug and alcohol overdose

Anton Arensky -  depression, bipolar Russian Romantic classical composer

Jose Maria Arguedas -  depression, Peruvian writer, poet, novelist, anthropologist, suicide by gunshot

Takeo Arishima -  depression, Japanese novelist, short-story writer, essayist, suicide by hanging

David Arkin -  depression, American actor, suicide 

Pedro Armendariz -  depression, Mexican actor, suicide by gunshot

Edwin Howard Armstrong - depression, American inventor of FM radio, suicide by jumping out of a hi-rise window

Todd Armstrong -  depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot

Malcolm Arnold -  depresssion, British composer 

David Arquette -  depression, American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter

Antonin Artaud - bipolar French poet, playwright, actor, theater director

Richard Ashcroft - depression, English singer-songwriter

Richard Asher - depression, British endocrinologist, hematologist, suicide

Nikolas Asimos -  depression, Greek composer, singer, suicide by hanging

Julian Assange - depression, Australian writer, activist, journalist, editor, publisher

Arno Assmann -  depression, German actor, film director, suicide

John Atchison - depression, American federal prosecuter, alleged child molester, suicide by hanging

Hooper Atchley -  depression, American film actor, suicide by gunshot

Rowan Atkinson  - bipolar "Mr. Bean" English actor, comedian, screenwriter

Dawn Aubry - British 43-year-old RSPCA officer, bullied whistleblower, suicide by hanging

George Ault -  depression, American painter, suicide by drowning

Tex Austin - depression, American rodeo promoter, suicide by CO poisoning

Emilie Autumn - bipolar American singer-songwriter, poet, violinist

Zo d'Axa -  depression, French adventurer, journalist, satirist, suicide

Charles Avery - depression, American silent film actor, director, screenwriter, suicide

Coleman W. Avery -  depression, American (Ohio) Supreme Court Justice, suicide

May Ayim -  depression, German author, suicide by jumping from a 13th-story window

Albert Ayler -  depression, American jazz saxaphonist, suicide by jumping into NYC river

Belkis Ayon -  depression, Cuban artist, lithographer, suicide

                                                        - B -


Viveka Babajee depression, Mauritian model, actress, suicide by hanging 

Parveen Babi -  depression, Bollywood actress

Milan Babic - depression, 1st Serbian President, suicide by hanging

Yevgeny Babich - depression, Soviet Ice Hockey player, suicide by hanging

Nikki Bacharach -  depression, American celebrity daughter, suicide with plastic bag, helium

Michelle Bachmann - bipolar American Presidential candidate


Faith Bacon -  depression, American burlesque dancer, actress, suicide by 2nd-story leap

Oksana Baiul - depression, Ukranian Olympic and World medalist figure skater

Jeff Baker - bipolar American writer, essayist, multi-disciplined engineer, mental health advocate, attempted suicide

James Robert Baker - depression, American writer, screenwriter, suicide

Alec Baldwin -  depression, American actor

Christian Bale -  depression, British actor

Albert Ballin -  depression, German businessman, father of modern cruise ship travel, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Jose Manuel Balmaceda -  depression, Chilean president, suicide by gunshot 

Honore de Balzac - bipolar French novelist, playwright

Maria Bamford - bipolar American comedian, voice-over artist

Lou Bandy - depression, Dutch singer, comedian, suicide by prescription drug overdose

David Banner - depression, American hip hop artist

Janet Banzet -  depression, American actress, suicide 

Shirley Barker -  depression, American poet, author, librarian, suicide by automotive CO poisoning

Ken Barlow - bipolar American TV weatherman

Robert Haywood Barlow -  depression, American anthropologist and writer, suicide by barbiturate overdose

Sid Barnes - bipolar Australian cricketer, suicide by drug  overdose and poison

William Vincent Barre -  depression, German-French writer, translator, suicide

Rona Barrett -  depression, American Hollywood celebrity

Syd Barrett - bipolar British musician, composer, singer-songwriter, painter (Pink Floyd) 

James Barrie - bipolar Scottish author and dramatist

Don "Red" Barry -  depression, American film, TV actor, suicide

Drew Barrymore - depression, American model, actress, film director, screenwriter, producer

George Randolph Barse - depression, American artist, illustrator, suicide by CO poisoning 

Paul C. Barth - depression, American Mayor of Louisville, KY, suicide by gunshot 

Ferenc Bartha - depression, Hungarian CEO, economist, political leader, suicide

Ralph Barton - bipolar American artist, cartoonist, suicide by gunshot to head

Andor Basch - depression, Hungarian painter, suicide

Francesco Bassano the Younger -  depression, Italian Renaissance painter, suicide by jumping out of a window

Pierre Batcheff -  depression, Russian-French actor, suicide by overdose of veronal

Barbara Bates - depression, American actress, suicide by automotive CO gas

Konstantin Batyushkov - bipolar Russian Romantic poet, essayist, translator, attempted suicide

Charles Baudelaire -  depression, French author, poet, attempted suicide

J. Clifford Baxter -  depression, American, Enron vice-chairman, suicide by gunshot

Linda Baxter - bipolar American hairdresser, Broadway actress, playwright

Rex Beach - depression, American novelist, playwright, water polo Olympian, suicide by gunshot

Amanda Beard -  depression, American Olympic gold-medalist swimmer

Shelley Beattie - bipolar American bodybuilder, sailor and actress, suicide by hanging

Ned Beatty - bipolar American actor

Bruce Beaver - bipolar Australian poet and novelist

Thomas Lovell Beddoes - bipolar English poet, dramatist, suicide using poison

Samuel Beckett - depression, Irish novelist, playwright, poet, theater director

Scotty Beckett - depression, American child actor, suicide by barbiturates or alcohol

Holmes Beckwith - depression, American political scientist, suicide by gunshot

Clifford Beers - bipolar American humanitarian, founder, American mental hygiene movement

Amelie "Mellie" Beese -  depression, German pioneer aviatrix, suicide by gunshot

Ludwig von Beethoven - bipolar German classical composer

Menachem Begin -  depression, 6th Israeli Prime Minister

Andy Behrman - bipolar American author of Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania

Tomasz Beksinski - depression, Polish radio presenter, music journalist, movie translator, suicide

Jovan Belcher - depression, American NFL football player, murder-suicide by gunshots

Charles Belden - depression, American photographer, rancher, suicide by gunshot

Francis Bell -depression,  New Zealand actor, suicide by fall from building

Gertrude Bell - depression, likely suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Jadin Bell - depression, American, bullied gay 15-year-old student, suicide by hanging

Peter Bellamy - depression, English folk singer, suicide

Helena Belmonte - bipolar Filipina actress, suicide by leaping from 28th floor

Revy Belvaux - depression, Belgian actor, director, producer, screenwriter, suicide 

Max Bemis - bipolar American singer, lyricist

El Hedi ben Salem - depression, Moroccan actor, suicide

Mary Kay Bergman - depression, American voice actor, voice-over teacher, suicide by gunshot

Maurice Bernard - bipolar American soap opera actor

Victoria Benedictsson - depression, Swedish author, suicide by slitting carotid artery 4X using razor

Brenda Benet - depression, American TV, film actress, suicide by gunshot

Odon Beniczky - depression, Hungarian politician, suicide

Walter Benjamin - depression, German-Jewish cultural theorist, suicide by morphine overdose

Jill Bennett - depression, British actress, suicide by overdose of quinalbarbitone

Chris Benoit - depression, Canadian pro wrestler, suicide by hanging

Arthur Benson - bipolar English essayist, poet, author

E. F. Benson - bipolar English novelist, biographer, memoirist, short story writer

Bishop Edward Benson - bipolar British Archbishop of Canterbury

Pierre Beregovoy - depression, French Prime Minister, suicide by gunshot

John Berg - depression, American actor, suicide by hibachi grille CO poisoning

Hans Berger - depression, German neurologist, inventor of the EEG, suicide by hanging

Lore Berger - depression, Swiss writer, suicide at age 21

Ingmar Bergman - depression, Swedish film director  

Mary Kay Bergman - bipolar American voice actress, suicide by gunshot to the head

Arnold Berliner - depression, German physicist, suicide

Hector Berlioz - bipolar French Romantic classical composer

Michel Bernanos - depression, French poet, fantasy writer, suicide

Steven "Jesse" Bernstein - depression, underground Jewish-American writer, performing artist, suicide by stabbing self in throat

Halle Berry - depression, American actress

Ricky Berry - depession, American NBA basketball player, suicide by gunshot

John Berryman - depression, American poet, scholar, suicide by drowning

Irving Berlin - depression, American composer, lyricist

Bert Bertrand - depression, Belgian journalist, suicide

Pete Best - depression, British musician, original Beatles drummer

Bruno Bettelheim - depression, Austrian-American child psychologist, writer, suicide by asphyxiation using a plastic bag

Charles Ernest Beule - depression, French archaelologist, politician, suicide

H. S. Bhabra - depression, British-Asian writer, broadcaster, suicide by jumping off of a viaduct

Brian Bianchini - depression, American male model, actor, suicide by hanging

Konstantin Biebl - depression, Czech poet, suicide by 5th-floor leap

Ahmet Bilek - depression, Turkish Olympic champion wrestler, suicide

Herman Bing - depression, German-American character actor, voice actor, suicide by gunshot

Bob Birch - depression, American musician, suicide by gunshot

Laurie Bird - depression, American actress, photographer, suicide by Valium overdose

Robert Bishop - depression, American bondage artist, suicide

Jens Bjorneboe - depression, Norwegian writer, suicide by hanging

John Blair - bipolar American poet, novelist, short story writer

Jeremy Blake - depression, American digital artist, painter, suicide by drowning

William Blake - depression, British painter and poet

Ralph Blakelock - depression, American Romanticist painter

Samuel Laman Blanchard - depression, British author, journalist, suicide by razor slash 

Erica Blasberg - depression, American professional LPGA golfer, suicide by multiple drugs and asphyxiation

Gregory Blaxland - depression, english pioneer farmer, explorer in Australia, suicide

Aleksandr Blok - depression, Russian lyrical poet

Adele Blood - depression, American silent film, vaudeville, theatric actress, suicide by gunshot

Clara Bloodgood - depression, American stage actress, suicide by gunshot

Charles Blount - depression, English deist and philosopher, suicide by slicing arm

Isabella Blow -  bipolar English magazine editor, multiple suicide attempts, suicide by poisoning

Oscar Florianus Bluemner - depression, German-American Modernist painter, suicide

Charles Bluhdorn - bipolar Austrian-American industrialist 

Sandy Blyth - depression, Australian wheelchair basketball player, suicide 

Barcroft Boake - depression, Australian poet, suicide by hanging

Lorena Bobbit - depression, American marital emasculator, felon

Jaime Torres Bodet - depression, Mexican politician, writer, ambassador, suicide

Louise Bogan - depression, American Poet Laureate

David Bohm - depression, British quantum physicist

Warren Bolster - depression, American skateboarder photographer, suicide by gunshot

Ludwig Boltzmann - bipolar Austrian mathematician and physicist famous for thermodynamics and atomic theory, suicide by hanging

Danny Bonaduce - bipolar American child actor, Radio/TV personality, stand-up comedian, professional wrestler

Napoleon Bonaparte - bipolar French General and political leader

Graham Bond - bipolar English musician, "father" of English rhtym & blues, suicide by throwing self beneath a train

Kjell Magne Bondevik - depression, Norwegian Prime Minister, politician

Jon Bon Jovi - bipolar American rock singer, songwriter

Brian Bonsall - bipolar American former child actor

Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda - depression, Chief of U.S. Naval Operations, suicide by gunshot

Robert Boorstin - bipolar American writer, special assistant to President Bill Clinton

Eric James Borges - depression, American bullied gay 19-year-old, suicide

Victor Borja - depression, Mexican Olympic basketball player, suicide

Adrian Borland - bipolar British musician, singer, songwriter, threw self beneath a train

Teodoro Borlongan - depression, renowned Philippine banker, suicide by gunshot

Ernest Bornemanne - depression, German crime writer, filmmaker, anthropologist, ethnomusicologist, jazz musician, jazz critic, psychoanalyst, sexologist, socialist, suicide

 Tadeusz Borowski - bipolar Polish writer, journalist, suicide by inhaling gas

Francesco Borromini - bipolar Italian Roman Baroque architect, suicide

James Boswell - bipolar British writer, biographer

Gunter Bottcher - depression, German Olympic handball player, suicide

John Bottomley - depression, Canadian singer-songwriter, suicide

Boudica - depression, Brottonic queen, suicide by ingesting poison

Georges Ernest Boulanger - depression, French general, politician, suicide by gunshot

Enrico Bovone - depression, Italian national basketball player, suicide

Clara Bow - depression, American actress, '20s sex symbol

Debra Bowen - bipolar California Secretary of State

John Bowers - depression - American stage, film actor, suicide by drowning

Emma Parker Bowles - bipolar British niece of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, model, TV presenter

Tommy Boyce - depression, American songwriter, suicide

Dutch Boyd - bipolar American professional poker player

Paul Boyd - bipolar Canadian cartoon sequence animator and director

Karin Boye - depression, Swedish poet, novelist, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Charles Boyer - depression, French actor, suicide by overdose of Seconal

L. Brent Bozell III - bipolar American political scientist, lawyer, writer

Bozhidar - depression, Russian poet, suicide by hanging 

Menno ter Braak - depression, Dutch modernist author, suicide by sedatives, lethal injection

Lorraine Bracco - depression, American actress

Henry Joseph Steele Bradfield - depression, British author, colonial officer, suicide

Terry Bradshaw - depression, American NFL quarterback and sports announcer

James Dean Bradfield - bipolar Welsh guitarist, vocalist

Zack Braff - depression, American Emmy Award-winning actor, screenwriter, producer, director, comedian

Lord Bragg - depression, English author, broadcaster

Russell Brand - bipolar British comedian, writer, presenter and actor

Frank B. Brandegee - depression, American U.S. Representative, Senator from Connecticut, suicide by gassing

Ernst Immanuel Cohen Brandes - depression, Danish economist, writer, editor, suicide by ingesting poison

Jonathan Brandis - depression, American actor, director, screenwriter, suicide by hanging

Cheyenne Brando - depression, model, actress, daughter of Marlon

Marlon Brando - depression, American stage and screen actor

Warren Eugene Brandon - depression, American painter, photographer, suicide

Mike Brant - depression, Israeli pop star, suicide by leapin from hotel window

Eva Braun - depression, German mistress of Adolf Hitler, suicide by cyanide ingestion

Ronald Braunstein - bipolar, British composer

Richard Brautigan - depression, American writer, suicide by gunshot

Frederick Hazlitt Brennan - depression, American screenwriter, suicide by gunshot

Charles Joseph, comte Bresson - depression, French diplomat, suicide by slit throat

Andrea Breth - bipolar German stage director

Jeremy Brett - bipolar English actor

Percy Williams Bridgman - depression, american physicist, suicide by gunshot

William Brinkley - depression, American writer, journalist, suicide by overdose of barbiturates

Don Briscoe - bipolar American soap opera actor

Lewis E. Britton, M.D. - depression, American psychiatrist

Isaac Brock - depression, American lead singer, guitarist, banjoist, songwriter for "Modest Mouse," "Ugly Casanova"

Walter Brodel - depression, German Olympic Fencer, suicide

Vlastimil Brodsky - depression, Czech actor, suicide

Erik "Grim" Brodreskift - depression, Norwegian black metal drummer, suicide by drug overdose

Herman Brood - depression, Dutch musician and painter, suicide with drugs and alcohol

Rupert Brooke - bipolar English poet

Tyler Brooke - depression, American actor, suicide by CO gas poisoning

"Brotha Lynch Hung" - bipolar American rapper

Asher Brown - depression, American, bullied, cyber-bullied 13-year-old student, suicide

Barry Brown - depression, American playwright, author, actor, suicide

Bobby Brown - bipolar American R&B singer-songwriter, dancer

Chris Brown - depression & PTSD, American recording artist, dancer, actor

Robert Brown - depression, American, Member of Georgia State Senate, suicide by gunshot

Theo Wade Brown - bipolar British carpenter, designer, engineer

Amanda Brownell - depression, American 15-year-old rape, cyber-bullying victim, suicide by hanging

Junie Browning - bipolar American mixed martial artist

Bob Brozman - depression, American guitarist, ethnomusicologist, suicide

Lenny Bruce - bipolar American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist, died of morphine overdose

Patrick Henry Bruce - depression, American cubist painter, descendant of American Revolutionary Patrick Henry, suicide by ingesting Veronal

Anton Bruckner - bipolar Austrian classical composer

Frank Bruno - bipolar English boxer

Brutus - depression, Roman politician, assassin of Julius Caesar, suicide

Barney Bubbles - bipolar graphic designer, music video director, painter, suicide by gas asphyxiation

John Buchanan - bipolar American politician

Keisha Buchanan -  depression, British singer-songwriter

Roy Buchanan - depression, American guitarist, blues musician, suicide by hanging

Art Buchwald - bipolar American humorist

Joe Budden - depression, American hip hop artist

Eustace Budgell - depression, English writer, politician, suicide by drowning

Bernard Buffet - depression, French Expressionist painter, suicide by asphyxiation

Rembrandt Bugatti - depression, Italian sculptor, suicide

"Freddie E" Buhl - depression, American hip-hop artist

Arturo Garcia Buhr - depression, Argentine actor, film director, suicide

Bob Bullock - bipolar Texas ex-secretary of state, state comptroller, lieutenant governor

Geoff Bullock - bipolar Australian Christian singer-songwriter, pianist

Michael Buonauro - depression, American webcomic, artist, suicide

John Bunyan - bipolar British Christian writer

Elbridge Ayer Burbank - bipolar American painter

Alohe Jean Burke - bipolar American musician, vocalist

Delta Burke - depression, American actress

Robert Burns - bipolar Scottish poet 

Robert Burton - depression, British academic

Tim Burton - bipolar American artist, movie director

August Anheuser Busch, Sr. - depression, American brewing magnate, suicide by gunshot

Barbara Bush - depression, 41st American first-lady

Asim Butt - depression, Pakistani painter, sculptor, suicide by hanging

Erdogan Buyukkasap - depression, Turkish scientist, academic, suicide by hanging

Amanda Bynes - bipolar American actress, fashion designer

William Byrd III - depression, American Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, suicide

Carolyn Byrne - depression, Australian model, suicide by falling

Lord Byron - bipolar British poet

- C -

Melanie C (Chisholm) - clinical depression, British "Spice Girl" singer-songwriter, actress, businesswoman

Andres Caicedo - depression, Colombian writer, suicide by ingesting 60 secobarbitol pills

Cain - depression, Old Testament fratricidal brother of Abel

Beverly Callard - depression, English actress

Anthony Callea - depression, Australian pop singer

Samuel Calley - depression, Member, Massachussetts House of Representatives, suicide by hanging from a stepladder

Northern Calloway - bipolar American actor, voice actor, comedian

Robert Calvert - bipolar South African-English musician, frontman

Robert Campeau - bipolar Canadian financier, real estate entrepeneur

Alastair Campbell - bipolar British journalist, political aide

Earl Campbell - depression, American NFL football player

Maia Campbell - bipolar American film and TV actress

Thomas Campbell - depression Scottish poet

William Wallace Campbell - depression, American astronomer, suicide by 4-story leap

Jose Canseco - depression, Cuban-American MLB baseball outfielder

Anna-Varney Cantodea - depression, American musician

Georg Cantor - bipolar Russian-born German mathematician

Truman Capote - depression, American writer

Capucine - depression, French actress and fashion model, suicide

George Caragonne - depression, American comic book writer, suicide by 500-ft leap 

Drew Carey - bipolar American comedian, actor, sports excutive, suicide attempt

Mariah Carey -bipolar American singer-songwriter, recording artist, actress, philanthropist

Arthur Edmund Carewe - depression, Armenian-American actor, suicide by gunshot

Maria Teresa Carlson - depression, Filipina-American actress, beauty queen, suicide by 23-story leap

H.L. Carnahan, depression, American, 30th Lieutenant Governor of California, suicide

Wallace Carothers - depression, American chist, inventor of Nylon, contributor to Neoprene, suicide by ingestion of potassium cyanide

Don Carpenter - depression, American writer, screenwriter, novelist, short story writer, suicide by gunshot

Mary Chapin Carpenter - depression, American singer-songwriter

Karen Carpenter - depression American singer, drummer, starved to death

Emily Carr - depression, Canadian painter, writer

James Carr - bipolar American Rhythm & Blues and soul singer

Jim Carrey - depression, Canadian actor, comedian

Dora Carrington - bipolar British painter, decorative artist, suicide by gunshot

Johnny Carson - depression, American talk show host

Lisa Nicole Carson - bipolar American actress

Helena Bonham Carter - depression, British actress

Kevin Carter - depression, South African photojournalist, suicide by CO poisoning

Quincy Carter - bipolar American football player

John Carthy - bipolar Irish handballer, suicide by police shootings

Danny Casolaro - depression, American freelance writer, suicide by slicing wrists

Neal Cassady - bipolar American notorious Beat Generation, Psychadelic  member

Cassandre - depression, Ukranian-French painter, poster artist, typeface creator, suicide

Jack Cassidy - bipolar American stage, film and TV actor

Camilo Castelo Branco - depression, Portuguese writer, suicide by gunshot

Keisha Castle-Hughes - bipolar New Zealand actress

Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh - depression, Irish and British statesman, suicide by slitting throat

Cato the Younger - depression, Roman statesman and politician, suicide by disembowelment

Harry M. Caudill - depression, American author, historian, lawyer, legislator, environmentalist, suicide by gunshot

Dick Cavett - bipolar American journalist and talk show host

Paul Celan - depression, Romanian poet, suicide by drowning

Samson Cerfberr of Medelsheim - depression, French soldier, author, suicide

Ana Cristina Cesar - depression, brazilian poet, translator, suicide by leaping from a high window

Yavuz Cetin - depression, Turkish musician, singer-songwriter, suicide by leap from bridge

C.E. Chaffin - bipolar writer, poet

Walmor Chagas - depression, Brazilian actor, suicide by gunshot

Yannoulis Chalepas - bipolar Greek sculptor

Nicolas Chamfort - depression, French writer, suicide by stabbing self

Pauline Chan Bo-Lin - depression, Hong Kong actress, suicide by 24-story leap

Evan Chandler - depression, American dentist, screenwriter, suicide

Raymond Chandler - depression, American detective fiction novelist

Iris Chang - bipolar Chinese-American historian and journalist, suicide by gunshot  

Mark David Chapman - depression, American assassin of John Lennon

Ray Charles - depression, American musician, singer

Claude Chappe - depression, French inventor of semaphore telecommunications technology, suicide by throwing himself down a well

Spencer Charters - depression, American film actor, suicide by sleeping pills overdose and CO gas poisoning

David Chase - depression, american TV writer, director, producer

Thomas Chatterton - bipolar English romantic poet, suicide by arsenic poisoning

Benjamin Chee Chee - depression, Canadian Ojibwa Indian painter, suicide

Chen Lin - depression, Chinese mandopop singer, suicide by 9-story leap

Chen Mengjia - depression, Chinese scholar, poet, archaeologist, suicide

Terri Cheney - bipolar American writer

Alexander  Chervyakov - depression, Belarusian Communist Party co-founder, suicide

Vic Chesnutt - depression, American singer-songwriter, suicide by ingesting muscle relaxants

Leslie Cheung - depression, Hong Kong musician, film actor, suicide by leaping off 24th story

Arthur Chevrolet - depression, automobile manufacturerSwiss American race car driver, suicide by hanging

Akio Chiba - bipolar Japanese artist, suicide by hanging

Eduardo Chibas - depression, cuban broadcaster, politician, suicide by gunshot

Lawton Chiles - depression, American, former Governor of Florida

Melanie Chisholm - depression, English pop singer-songwriter

Konstantin Chkheidze - depression, Georgian-Russian writer, philosopher, suicide

Choi Jin-sil - depression, South Korean actress, suicide by hanging

Choi jin-young - depression, South Korean actor, singer, suicide by hanging

Chongzhen - depression, last Chinese Emporer of the Ming Dynasty, suicide by hanging

Frederic Chopin - bipolar Polish Romantic classical composer, pianist

Hans Christian - bipolar German-American musician, producer

Agatha Christie - bipolar English crime novelist

Edwin Pearce Christy - depression, American composer, actor, stage producer, suicide by multi-story leap

Christine Chubbuck - depression, American TV reporter, on-air suicide

Paul Chung - depression, Hong Kong actor, suicide 

Winston Churchill - bipolar British Prime Minister

Louis C.K. - depression, Mexican-American comedian, actor, writer, director

Eric Clapton - depression, Englist guitarist, vocalist, songwriter

John Clare - bipolar English poet

Bob Carlos Clark - depression, Irish photographer, suicide

Dick Clark - depression, American television personality

Steve Clark - bipolar English musician, guitarist, songwriter (Def Leopard), suicide by alcohol, drug overdose 

William Dennison Clark - depression, American football player, suicide by gunshot

Jeremiah Clarke - bipolar English baroque classical composer, suicide

Kelly Clarkson - bipolar American singer-songwriter, actress

Paul Clayton - bipolar American folksinger, folklorist, suicide by electrocution

John Cleese - depression, British actor, comedian

Charles Clegg - depression, American writer, photographer, railroad historian, suicide 

Tyler Clementi - depression, American youth, bullied for video of homosexual act, suicide by drowning

Cleomenes I - depression, King of Sparta, suicide

Cleomenes III - depressia King of Sparta, suicide

Cleopatra VII - depression, last Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt, suicide by asp/cobra bite

Cleopatra Eurydice of Macedon - depression, wife of Phillip II of Macedon, suicide

Grover Cleveland - depression, 22nd/24th U.S. President

Charmian Clift - depression, Australian writer, essayist, suicide by barbiturates overdose

Rosemary Clooney - bipolar American singer, actress

Jessie Close - bipolar American sister of actress Glen Close

Ty Cobb - depression, American baseball player

Kurt Cobain - bipolar American rock musician, singer-songwriter, suicide by shotgun to the head

James Richard Cocke - depression, American physician, homeopath, hypnotherapist, suicide by gunshot

Bill Cody, Jr. - depression, American film child actor, suicide

Leonard Cohen - depression, Canadian singer-songwriter

Zerah Colburn - depression, American engineer, technical publisher, suicide by gunshot

Bob Cole - depression, American composer, actor, playwright, stage director, producer, suicide by drowning

Jack Cole - depression, American cartoonist, suicide by gunshot

Neil Cole - bipolar Australian Labor Party politician, playwright, researcher, author professor

Garnet Coleman - bipolar Texas (USA) congressman

Hartley Coleridge - depression, English poet, biographer, essayist, teacher

Samuel Taylor Coleridge - bipolar English poet, literary critic, philosopher

Bob Collins - depression, Australian politician, senator, suicide by ingesting pharmaceuticals

Judy Collins - depression, American singer

William Collins - depression, English poet

Danielle Collobert - depression, French author, poet, journalist, suicide

Stan Collymore - depression, British footballer

Charles Caleb Colton - depression, English cleric, writer, collector, suicide 

John Coltrane - depression, American jazz-saxophonist, composer

Christopher Columbus - depression, Italian explorer, navigator, colonizer

Ray Combs - depression, American comedian, actor, game show host, suicide by hanging 

Cosmo Compoli - bipolar American sculptor

Joseph Conrad - bipolar Polish-born English novelist

Pat Conroy - depression, American novelist, author

Leonardo Conti - depression, Swiss-German Nazi physician, suicide by hanging

Catherine Cookson - depression, English author

Calvin Coolidge - depression, 30th U. S. President

Courtney Ryley Cooper - depression, American circus performer, publicist, writer, suicide by hanging

Elizabeth Cooper - depression, Scottish-Filipina film actress, vaudeville dancer, singer, suicide by barbiturate overdose

Adolph Coors - depression, American founder, Adolph Coors (brewing) Company, suicide by high leap

Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD - bipolar American author, educator, mental health advocate

Branko Copic - depression, Yugoslav writer, suicide leap from bridge

Francis Ford Coppola - bipolar American movie director

Jeb Corliss - depression, American professional skydiver, BASE jumper

Chris Cornell - depression, American rock musician

Joseph Corozzo - bipolar American reputed Consiglieri of the Gambino family

Patricia Cornwell - bipolar American crime novelist

Richard Corts - depression, German Olympic athlete (runner), suicide

Michael Costa - bipolar Australian, New South Wales Treasurer, politician

Uriel da Costa -  depression, Portuguese philosopher, skeptic, suicide by gunshot

Sean Costello - bipolar American blues musician

John Costelloe - depression, american actor, suicide by gunshot

John Sell Cotman - depression, English painter, etcher, illustrator, author

Elise Cowen - depression, American poet, suicide by 7-story leap

William Cowper - bipolar English poet and hymnodist, attempted suicide

Catherine Cookson - depression, English author

Calvin Coolidge - depression, 30th U.S. President

Billy Corgan - depression, American singer-songwriter

Jeb Corliss - depression, American skydiver, BASE jumper

Don Cornelius - depression, American creator of "Soul Train" TV show, suicide by gunshot

Patricia Cornwell - bipolar American crime writer

Robert S. Corrington - bipolar American philosopher, songwriter

William Cotton - bipolar English Anglican priest, missionary, bee-keeper

Ronny Coutteure - depression, Belgian actor, dorector, author, TV presenter, restauranteur, suicide 

Noel Coward - bipolar English composer, singer, playwright, actor, director

Jan Cox - depression, Belgian-American painter, suicide

Courteney Cox - depression, American actress

Geoffrey Cox - depression, Australian soldier, politician, suicide

F.W.S. Craig - depression, Scottisn psephologist, reference book publisher, politician, suicide by automotive CO poisoning

Harry Crandoll - depression, American businessman, theatre magnate, suicide

Hart Crane - bipolar American poet, suicide by leaping overboard a ship

Vincent Crane - bipolar musician, keyboardist-piano, organ

Darby Crash - depression, American punk musician (The Germs), suicide by heroin overdose

Jim Craven - bipolar Irish poet

Thomas Creech - depression, English translator, headmaster, suicide

James Ashmore Creelman - depression, early American film writer, suicide by leap from tall building

Hector-Jonathan Cremieux - depression, French librettist, playwright, suicide by gunshot

Rene Crevel - depression, French writer, suicide by gassing

Michael Crighton - depression, American author, producer, director, screenwriter

Alan Crofoot - depression, Canadian operatic tenor specialist, actor, suicide by 6-story leap

Kathy Cronkite - depression, American daughter of TV newsman Walter Cronkite

Francis Graham Crookshank - depression, British epidemiologist, medical, psychological writer, suicide 

Bing Crosby - bipolar American singer, actor, dancer

Dennis Crosby - depression, American actor, son of Bing Crosby 

Lindsay Crosby - bipolar American actor, singer, son of Bing Crosby

Sheryl Crow - depression, American singer-songwriter

Donald Crowhurst - depression, British businessman, amateur sailor, suicide

Charles Crumb - depression, American artist, suicide by drug overdose 

Sebastien de la Cruz - depression - American, bullied, cyber-bullied 11 year-old student, suicide

Geza Csath - depression, Hungarian writer, playwright, musician, music critic, psychiatrist, suicide by poisoning

Sandor Csizmadia - depression, Hungarian politician, poet, suicide

Jorge Cuesta - depression, Mexican chemist, writer, editor, suicide by hanging

Lester Cuneo - depression, American stage, silent film actor, suicide by gunshot

Rivers Cuomo - depression, American musician

Will Cuppy - depression, American humorist, literary critic, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Pat Curran - depression, American featherweight boxer

Adrianne Curry - depression, American model, actress

Ian Curtis - depression, English lyricist, and songwriter, suicide by hanging

George E. Cutler - depression, American produce business owner, suicide by leap from building after 1929 stock market crash

John Christopher Cutler - depression, American politian, 2nd Utah Governor, suicide by gunshot

Patricia Cutts - depression, English film, TV actress, suicide by barbiturate overdose

Miley Cyrus - depression, American singer, actress

Dezso Czigany - depression, Hungarian painter, suicide

- D -

Disco D - bipolar American composer, record producer, suicide by hanging

Richard Dadd - paranoid schizophrenic (bipolar?) English painter

Stig Dagerman - depression, Swedish journalist, writer, suicide

Charles Romeyn Dake - depression, homeopathic physician, writer, suicide

Dalida - depression, Italian-Egyptian singer and actress, suicide by ingesting barbiturates

Romeo Dallaire - depression, Canadian general, senator, humanitarian

John Daly - depression, American golf pro

Evan Dando - bipolar American musician

Karl Dane - depression, Danish-American comedian, actor, suicide by gunshot

John Wilson Danenhower - depression, U.S. Navy officer, explorer, suicide

Rodney Dangerfield - depression, American actor, comedian

Bobby Darin - depression, American singer-songwriter

George Darley - depression, poet, novelist, critic 

David Daroczi - depression, Hungarian Prime Minister, coach, poet

Bella Darvi - depression, French and American actress, suicide by gassing

Charles Darwin - depression, British naturalist, geologist

David - depression, Old Testament Israeli king, murderer, "man after God's own heart"

Larry David - depression, American actor writer, comedian, producer

John Davidson - bipolar Scottish poet, playwright, suicide by drowning

Cliff Davies - depression, British drummer, songwriter, producer, suicide by gunshot

Ray Davies - bipolar English musician (The Kinks)

Brad Davis - depression, American actor, suicide by drug overdose

Jim Davis - depression, Australian rugby player, suicide by slitting wrists

Martin Davis - bipolar American mathematician

Timothy Davlin - depression, American, Springfield, Illinois Mayor, suicide by gunshot 

Charlotte Dawson - depression, New Zealand-Australian television personality, anti-cancer, anti-bullying advocate, suicide

Dorothy Day - depression, American journalist, social activist, Catholic convert

Edward Dayes - depression, English watercolor painter, engraver, suicide

Osamu Dazai - depression, Japanese author, suicide by drowning

Murray Deaker - bipolar New Zealand sports announcer, sports author, TV talk show host

Chiara De Blasio - depression, American daughter of NY Mayor Bill De Blasio

Aldo De Benedetti - depression, Italian screenwriter, suicide

Guy Debord - depression, French Marxist theorist, writer, suicide by gunshot

Jeanine Deckers - depression, Belgian nun, musician "Singing Nun", suicide by barbiturates and alchohol overdose

Jack Dee - depression, English stand-up comedian, actor, writer

Lenny Dee - bipolar American musician, virtuoso organist

Sandra Dee - depression, American actress

Edgar Degas - depression, French painter

Francis J. d'Eramo - depression, American Virgin Islands Superior Court Judge, suicide

Ellen DeGeneres - depression, American comedienne, model, actress

Roy Andries De Groot - depression, British-born American culinary writer and wine critic, suicide by gunshot

Alice de Janze - depression, American heiress, suicide by gunshot

Gilles Deleuze - depression, French philosopher, suicide by jumping out a window

Jean-Marie Demange - depression, French Member of Parliament, suicide by gunshot

Dolores Delmar - depression, American dancer, showgirl, suicide by drowning

Peter Delme - depression, wealthy English merchant, landowner, Member of Parliament, suicide by gunshot

Brad Delp - depression, American rock musician (Boston), suicide by CO poisoning

Penelope Delta - depression, Greek author, suicide by swallowing poison

Deng Tuo - depression, Chinese poet, intellectual, journalist, suicide

Sigi Denk - depression, Austrian Olympic road racer, suicide by hanging

Denice Denton - depression, American professor of electrical engineering, academic administrator, suicide by 33-story leap

John Denver - depression, American singer-songwriter

Swadesh Deepak - bipolar Indian playwright, novelist, short story writer, disappeared and never found

Orville Adalbert Derby - depression, American geologist, suicide

Matt Derenbecker - bipolar American collegiate basketball player, suicide by drowning

Jerry Desmonde -  depression, American stage, musical, film, TV actor, suicide 

Mark D. Devlin - bipolar American writer

Patrick Dewaere - depression, French film actor, suicide by gunshot

Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey - depression, American dime novelist, pulp fiction writer, suicide by gunshot

Lady Diana - depression, Princess of Wales

Cameron Diaz - bipolar American model, actress

Barry Dickens - depression, Australian author, artist, playwright

Charles Dickens - bipolar British writer

Emily Dickinson - bipolar American poet

Rudolf Diesel - depression, German inventor, mechanical engineer, suicide by drowning (?)

Deborah Digges - depression, American poet, teacher, suicide by fall from bleachers

Susan Dime-Meenan - bipolar American writer, mental health advocate

Gemma Dimmit - depression, British 15-year-old, physical, verbal, bullying victim, suicide by painkiller drug overdose

Jacques Dimont - depression,  French Olympic fencer, suicide

Isak Dinesen - bipolar Danish author 

Thomas M. Disch - depression, American science fiction writer, poet, suicide by gunshot

Jessica Dismorr - depression, English painter, illustrator, suicide by hanging

Benjamin Disraeli - depression, British Prime Minister, literary figure

Tove Ditlevsen - depression, Danish poet, memoirist, suicide by overdose of sleeping pills

Adriaan Ditvoorst - depression, Dutch film director, screenwriter, suicide drowning

Izzy Dix - depression, British 14-year-old student, bullied and cyberbullied, suicide

DMX Earl Simmons - bipolar American rapper, actor

Chris Doty - depression, Canadian journalist, historian, documentary filmmaker, author, playwright, suicide by hanging

Mickey Dolenz - depression, American actor, musician, rock drummer (The Monkees), TV director, radio personality, theater director

Oscar Dominguez - depression, Spanish surrealist painter, suicide by slitting wrists

Scott Donie - depression, American olympic diver, diving coach

Gaetano Donizetti - bipolar Italian opera composer

Jimmy Donley - depression, American singer-songwriter, suicide by automotive CO poisoning

Terence Donovan - depression, English photographer, film director, suicide

Patric Doonan - depression, British stage and screen actor, suicide by gas

Abraham van der Doort - depression, Dutch artist, suicide

Michael Dorris - depression, American novelist, scholar, suicide by drugs, suffocation and alcohol

Cibele Dorsa - depression, Brazilian actress, model, writer, suicide by leap from building 7th floor

Fyodor Dostoyevsky - depression, Russian writer

Graeme Dott - depression, Scottish professional snooker player

Chris Doty - depression, Canadian journalist, historian, documentary filmmaker, author, playwright, suicide by hanging

Jon Dough - depression, American pornographic actor, suicide by hanging

Mike Doughty - bipolar American singer-songwriter, author

Michael Douglas - depression, American media personality

Eric Douglas - bipolar actor, stand-up comedian

Tony Dow - depression, American actor

John Dowland - depression, English classical Renaissance composer, singer, lutenist

Joan Dowling - depression, English character actress, suicide by gassing 

Robert Downey, Jr. - bipolar American actor

Ernest Dowson - bipolar English poet, novelist, short story writer, suicide by chloral hydrate ingestion

Charmaine Dragun - bipolar Australian journalist, newsreader, suicide by jumping from a rooftop

Nick Drake - depression, British musician

Theodore Dreiser - depression, American journalist, novelist

Richard Dreyfuss - bipolar American actor

Pierre Drieu La Rochelle - depression, French novelist, short story writer, essayist, suicide

Scott Driscoll - bipolar Australian member of Parliament

Paul Drude - depression, German physicist, suicide

Jonathan Drummond-Webb - depression, South African pediatric heart surgeon, suicide by overdose of Oxyconton

Yulia Drunina - depression, Soviet poet, suicide

Micke Dubois - depression, Swedish actor, comedian, suicide by hanging

Stephen Duck - depression, English poet, suicide by drowning

Pete Duel - depression, American stage, film, TV actor, suicide by gunshot

K. Sello Duiker - depression, South African novelest, suicide by hanging

Kitty Dukakis - bipolar former First Lady of Massachussetts

Patty Duke (Anna Pearce) - bipolar American actress, writer, political activistDoug Duncan - depression, American politician

Gordon Duncan - depression, Irish bagpiper, songwriter, suicide

Kenne Duncan - depression, Canadian actor, suicide by barbiturates overdose

Kirsten Dunst - depression, German-American actress

Christophe Dupouey - depression, French Olympic mountain biker, suicide

Jean-Pierre Duprey - depression, French poet, sculptor, suicide by hanging

Adam Duritz - bipolar American musician, songwriter, record and film producer, vocalist and frontman for (Counting Crows)

Guru Dutt - depression, Indian actor, film director, producer, suicide by overdose of drugs and alcohol

David J. Dwork - depression, American Mayor of Mahwah, New Jersey, suicide by gunshot

R. Budd Dwyer - depression, American Pennsylvanian politician, 30th State Representative, State Senator, suicide by gunshot

Tericka Dye - bipolar American exotic dancer, porn movie star, science teacher

Bob Dylan - depression, American singer-songwriter, poet, artist

- E -


Eric Eady - depression, British meteorologist, mathematician, suicide

Thomas Eagleton - bipolar American senator

Thomas Eakins - depression, American realist painter, photographer, sculptor, fine arts teacher

Margot Early - bipolar American mass market novelist

John Porter East - depression, U.S. Senator and professor of political science, suicide by automotive CO poisoning

Ray Easterling - depression, American NFL football player, suicide by gunshot

George Eastman - depression, American innovator (Eastman Kodak), entrepeneur, philantropist, suicide by gunshot

Edward I. Edwards - depression, American politician, New Jersey Governor, U.S. Senator, suicide by gunshot

Richey Edwards - depression, Welsh guitarist, lyricist

Tristan Egolf  - depression, American author, novelist, political activist, suicide

Paul Ehrenfest - depression, Austrian-Dutch physicist, suicide by gunshot

Marta Ehrlich - depression, Croatian painter, suicide

Albert Einstein - depression, German-born theoretical physicist  

Sir Edward Elgar - bipolar English classical composer

Elijah - depression, Old Testament Israeli Prophet

T. S. (Thomas Stearns Eliot) - bipolar American-English major poet, publisher,

playwright, literary and social critic

Douglas Hemphill Elliot - depression, American Member, U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania, suicide by CO poisoning

Harold Edward Elliott - depression, Australian soldier, Senator, suicide

Queen Elizabeth II - depression, British Monarch

Jim Ellison, depression, musician, front man for Material issue, suicide by CO poisoning

James Ellroy - depression, American crime writer

John A. Elston - depression, American House of Representatives Member from California, suicide

Dominick Elwes - depression, British portrait painter, suicide by overdose of barbiturates 

Gloria Emerson - depression, American author, journalist, suicide 

Ralph Waldo Emerson - bipolar American essayist, lecturer, poet

Eminem - depression, American rapper

Istvan Enekes - depression, Hungarian Olympic boxer, suicide

Robert Enke - depresssion, German football player

Peg Entwhistle - depression, American film actress, suicide by high leap 

Albert Russel Erskine - depression, American automotive businessman, suicide by gunshot

Joseph Wilson Ervin - depression, American member of the U.S. House of Representatives from North Carolina, suicide by natural gas inhalation

Sergey Esenin - depression, Russian lyrical poet, suicide by slicing wrists, hanging

Florbela Espanca - bipolar Portuguese poet, 2 suicide attempts

Jun Eto - depression, Japanese literary critic, suicide by slashing left wrist

Mark Eustice - bipolar Australian rules footballer

Daniel Evans - depression, Welsh poet, suicide

Robert Evans - bipolar American film producer

Tom Evans - depression, English musician, songwriter (Badfinger), suicide by hanging


- F -

Alexander Alexandrovich Fadeyev - depression, Soviet writer, suicide by gunshot

Robert Fagan - depression, British painter, diplomat, archaeologist, suicide by leap from window

Angus Fairhurst - depression, English artist, suicide by hanging

Fan Changjiang - depression, Chinese journalist, reporter, author, suicide

Moni Fanan - depression, Israeli basketball team manager, suicide by hanging

James L. Farmer, Jr. - depression, American civil rights activist

Richard Farnsworth - depression, American actor, stuntman, suicide by gunshot

Jack Farrell - depression - American MLB baseball player

John S. Farrell - depression, American Postmaster of Green Bay Wisconsin and candidate for House of Representatives, suicide by gunshot

Amy Farris - depression, American fiddler, singer, songwriter, suicide

Justin Fashanu - depression, English footballer, suicide by hanging

William Faulkner - bipolar American author

Freda du Faur - bipolar Australian mountaineer

Rene Favaloro - depression, Argentine cardiac surgeon, suicide by gunshot

Jackson Fear - depression, Australian Olympic archer

Bekim Fehmiu - depression, Albanian-Yugoslavian film and theater actor, suicide by gunshot 

David Feherty - bipolar Irish-American professional golfer

Jeffrey Fehr - depression, American bullied gay 19-year-old, suicide by hanging

Jules Feiffer - depression, American playwright, cartoonist, screenwriter

Hayley Fentress - depression, American, bullied Minnesota teen, suicide by hanging

Craig Ferguson - depression, Scottish-American talk show host

Hughie Ferguson - depression, Scottish footballer, suicide by gassing at age 31

Robert Fergusson - depression, bohemian Scottish poet

Gabriel Ferrater - depression, Catalonian author, translator, scholar, suicide by using barbiturates, alchohol

Afanasy Fet - bipolar Russian poet, attempted suicide

Paul Feyerabend - depression, Austrian science philosopher

Lupe Fiasco - depression, American rapper

Darrell Figgis - depression, Irish writer, Sein Fein activist, parliamentarian, suicide

Anne Finch - depression, English poet, Countess of Winchhilsea

Hans Fischer - depression, German organic chemist, suicide

Hermann Emil Fischer - depression, German chemist, suicide

Wild Man Fischer - bipolar American songwriter

R. Scott Fishe - depression, English operatic baritone, actor, suicide

Ham Fisher - depression, American comic strip writer, cartoonist, suicide by drug overdose

Carrie Fisher - bipolar American actress, author

George Fiske - depression, American landscape photographer, suicide by gunshot

John Fitch - depression, American gunsmith, lockmaker, engineer, inventor of the first American steamboat, suicide

Buron Fitts - depression, American California politician, 29th Lieutenant Governor, suicide by gunshot

Edward Fitzgerald - bipolar English poet, writer

F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald - bipolar American writers

John G. FitzGerald - depression, Canadian physician, public health specialist, suicide by severing the femoral artery in his thigh

Robert FitzRoy - depression, British Admiral, meteorologist, Governor of New Zealand, suicide by cutting throat with a razor

Helen Flanagan - bipolar English model, TV actress

Ed Flanders - depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot

John Flannagan - depression, American sculptor, suicide

David T. Kenney - depression, American inventor, 9 patents, vacuum cleaner-related, suicide

Larry Flynt - bipolar American porn publisher

Erin Fleming - depression, Canadian actress, suicide by gunshot

John Gould Fletcher - bipolar American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, suicide by drowning

Tom Fletcher - bipolar English singer-songwriter, guitarist

Andreas Floer - depression, German mathematician, suicide

Candida Branca Flor - depression, Portuguese singer, entertainer, suicide

Antonio Flores - depression, Spanish songer-songwriter, actor, suicide by drug overdose

Ragnar Fogelmark - depression, Swedish Olympic wrestler, suicide

Tom Forcade - depression, American underground journalist, activist, suicide 

Aleksander Ford - depression, Polish film director

Harrison Ford - depression, American actor


Larry Ford - depression, American biochemical researcher, gynecologist, suicide by suicide

Veronica Forrest-Thomson - depression, Scottish poet, critical theorist, suicide

Tom Forman - depression, American film actor, writer, producer, suicide by gunshot

Ellen Forney - bipolar American cartoonist, writer

James Forrestal - depression, former U.S. Secretary of Defense & Secretary of the Navy, suicide by long fall

Emil Forselius - depression, Swedish actor, suicide

Andre Dede Fortin - depression, Canadian founding member, vocalist, front man for Les Colocs, suicide by seppuku (disembowelment)

Dudley Foster - depression, English actor, suicide by hanging

Stephen Foster - bipolar American composer, songwriter

Thomas Foster -  depression, Irish portrait painter, suicide

Michael Foucault - depression, French philosopher

Jaimee Foxworth - depression, American actress

Boris Fraenkel - depression, French Communist politician, suicide by drowning

Connie Francis - bipolar American pop singer, actress

Saint Francis of Assisi - bipolar Italian Catholic friar, preacher

J. Herbert Frank - depression, American actor, suicide using gas and chloroform

Dennis Franz - depression, American actor


Andre Frederique - depression, French poet, suicide

Aleta Freel - depression, American stage actress, suicide by firearm

Ryan Freel - depression, American MLB baseball player, suicide by gunshot

Albert French - depression, American writer

Sigmund Freud - bipolar Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, essayist, suicide by morphine overdose

Benedict Friedlaender - depression, German-Jewish sexologist, sociologist, economist, volcanologist, physicist, suicide

Gustaf Froding - depession, Swedish poet, writer, attempted suicide

Robert Frost - bipolar American poet

Gunter Fruhtrunk - depression, German geometric abstract artist, printmaker, suicide

John Frusciante - depression, American musician

Stephen Fry - bipolar British actor, comedian, writer, suicide attempt

Vic Fuentes - depression, American guitarist, lead vocalist (Pierce the Veil)

Keiko Fuji - depression, Japanese singer, actress, suicide by 13-story leap

Misao Fujimura - depression, Japanese philosophy student, poet, suicide

Sia Furler - bipolar Australian pop and jazz singer-songwriter

Anton Furst - depression, American production designer, suicide by leaping from building

Justin Furstenfeld - bipolar American singer, lyricist, artist, author, record producer

Nelly Furtado - depression, Canadian musician



- G -


Moses Gabb - depression, Australian politician, suicide

B.B. Gabor - depression, Canadian pop musician, suicide

Peter Gabriel - bipolar British singer, musician, songwriter

J. R. Gach - bipolar American radio talk show host, shock jock

Fatma Gadri - depression, Azerbaijani theater actress, suicide

Francesco Gaeta - depression, Italian poet, suicide

John Kenneth Galbraith - depression, Canadian-American economist

Hughie Gallacher - bipolar Scottish footballer, suicide by stepping in front of train

Geoff Gallop - depression, Australian politician  

Angel Ganivet - depression, Spanish writer, diplomat, suicide by drowning

Janeane Garafalo - depression, American actress, comedienne, political activist, writer

Greta Garbo - depression, Swedish film actress

Charly Garcia - bipolar Argentine singer-songwriter, pianist, keyboardist, guitarist, bassist

Richard A. Gardner - depression,  American psychiatrist, suicide

Juliann Garey - depression, American journalist, screenwriter, novelist

Art Garfunkel - bipolar American singer, poet, actor

Terry Garrity - bipolar American author

Judy Garland - depression, American singer, actress, drug O.D.

Alan Garner - bipolar English novelist

James Garner - depression, American film and TV actor

Dave Garroway - depression - American TV personality, suicide by gunshot

Romain Gary - depression, Russian-French novelist, suicide by gunshot

Paul Gascoigne - bipolar English footballer

Danny Gatton - depression, American guitarist, suicide by gunshot

Lucien Gaudin - depression, French Olympic fencer, suicide

Paul Gauguin - depression, French painter, attempted suicide

Marvin Gaye - depression, American singer-songwriter, musician 

Helen Palmer Geisel - depression, American children's author, wife of "Dr. Seuss," suicide by barbiturates overdose

Martha Gellhorn - depression, American novelist, travel writer, journalist, suicide by drug overdose

King George III - depression, dementia, 1700s English monarch 

Olga Georges-Picot - depression, French actress, suicide by 5-story leap

Theodore Gericaultdepression, French artist, painter, lithographer

Mark Gertler - depression, British painter, suicide by gassing

Carlo Gesualdo - bipolar Italian classical composer

Paul Getty - depression, British philanthropist

Lewis Grassic Gibbon - depression, Scottish journalist, writer, attempted suicide

Kaye Gibbons - bipolar American novelist

Margaret Gibson - bipolar Canadian novelist and short story writer

Mel Gibson - bipolar American actor, director

Henri Giffard - depression, French engineer, inventor of the steam injector and powered airship, suicide

Rex Gildo - depression, German ballad singer, suicide by leap from window

Frederico Gil - bipolar Portuguese tennis player

Michael Gilden - depression, American actor, suicide by hanging

Kendall Gill - depression, American basketball player, TV analyst

Gregory Gillespie - depression, American magic realist painter, suicide by hanging 

Claude Gillingwater - depression, American stage, screen actor, suicide

Charlotte Perkins Gilman - depression, American feminist, sociologist, novelist, writer, poet, lecturer, suicide by chloroform

Kit Gingrich - bipolar American, Newt Gingrich's "Mom"

Michele Girardon - depression, French actress, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Mikhail Glinka - depression, composer, father of Russian classical music

Oskar Gloeckler - depression, german Olympic sculpture artist, suicide

Martin H. Glynn - depression, American politician, 40th Governor of New York, suicide

Trisha Goddard - depression, British TV presenter, actress

Raoul de Godaewaersvelde - depression, French singer (Le Capenoules), suicide by hanging

Joseph Goebbels - depression, German Nazi leader, suicide by hanging

Hermann Goering - depression, German Nazi leader, suicide by cyanide ingestion

Johann Goethe - bipolar German poet, writer, politician

Tamar Golan - depression, Israeli journalist, diplomat, suicide 

Oliver Goldsmith - bipolar Anglo-Irish poet, novelist, playwright, physician

Hugo van der Goes - depression, Flemish painter artist

Henri Goetz - depression, French-American surrealist painter, engraver, suicide by 5th-floor jump

Nikolai Gogol - depression, Ukranian-Russian dramatist,  author, short story writer

Jack Goldstein - depression, Canadian-American conceptual artist, painter, suicide by hanging

Goliath - depression, Old Testament 10-foot giant slain by David's sling

Matthew Good - bipolar Canadian musician

Jane Goodall - depression, British primate researcher

Dwight Gooden - depression, American MLB baseball pitcher

Fritha Goodey - depression, British stage, radio, film actress, suicide by stabbing chest

Michael Goodliffe - depression, English actor, suicide by leap from a fire escape

Denis Goodwin - depression, radio/TV  comedy scriptwriter, actor, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Dickie Goodman - depression, American music, record producer, suicide by gunshot

Gordian I - depression, Roman Emperor, suicide by hanging

Adam Lindsay Gordon - depression, English-Australian poet, jockey, politician, suicide by gunshot

Lucy Gordon - depression, British actress, model, suicide by hanging

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - depression, American actor, director

Tipper Gore - depression, estranged wife of U.S. Senator/Vice-President Al Gore

Daisuke Gori  depression, Japanese actor, voice actor, narrator, suicide by slitting wrists

Arshile Gorky - depression, Armenian-American Abstract Expressionist painter, suicide by hanging

Maxim Gorky - bipolar Russian writer, political activist

Andre Gorz - depression, French journalist, social philosopher, suicide by lethal injection

Anders Gothberg - depression, Swedish guitarist, suicide by a high leap

Francisco de Goya - depression, Spanish painter

Jose Augustin Goytisolo - depression, Spanish scholar, poet, essayist, suicide 

Tom Graeff - bipolar American screenwriter, director, actor, suicide by automotive CO gas

Frank Grahamdepression, American radio announcer and cartoon voice actor, suicide by auto CO poisioning

Juliann Graham - depression, American actress, suicide by gunshot

Kenneth Grahame - bipolar Scottish writer

Philip Graham - bipolar American publisher and businessman, suicide by gunshot

David Granirer - bipolar Canadian author, counselor, stand-up comic

Bob Grant - depression, English actor, suicide by automotive CO gas

Cary Grant - bipolar English-born American stage and film actor

Macy Gray - bipolar American R&B / Soul singer-songwriter, actress

Spalding Gray - depression, American actor, writer

CeeLo Green - bipolar American recording artist, singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, actor

Graham Greene - bipolar English novelist

Richard Greene - depression, American boxing referee, suicide

Schecky Greene - bipolar American comedian

Peter Gregg - bipolar American race car owner/driver

Zack Greinke - depression, American Cy Young Award-winning MLB pitcher

William Lindsay Gresham - depression, American novelist, author, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Ken Griffey, Jr. - depression, American MLB baseball player

Eddie Griffin - depression, American NBA player 

Karen Grigorian - bipolar American chess master

Henry Grimes - bipolar American jazz artist, double-bassist, violinist, poet 

Antoine-Jean Gros - depression, French neoclassical and history painter, suicide by drowning

Francois de Grossouvre - depression, French politician, suicide by gunshot

Paul Gruchow - depression, American author, editor, conservationist, suicide 

Greg Guidry - depression, American singer-songwriter, suicide by burning to death

Louis de Guiringaud - depression, French politican, Minister of Foreign Affairs, suicide by gunshot

Inna Gulaya - depression, Soviet stage, screen actress, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Hjalmar Gullberg - depression, Swedish writer, poet, translator, suicide

Nikolai Gumilyov - depression, Russian poet

Juan Carlos Gumucio - depression,  Bolivian journalist, writer, linguist, suicide by gunshot

Karoline von Gunderrode - depression, German Romantic poet, suicide by stabbing

Tim Gunn - depression, American fashion consultant, TV personality, actor, voice actor

Ivor Gurney - bipolar English composer, poet

Philip Guston - depression, American painter, printmaker

David Guttman - depression, Swedish Olympic marathoner, suicide by hanging

Indrani Aikath Gyaltsen -  depression, Indian freelance journalist, writer, suicide by ingestin sodium phosphate (rat poison)

Vilmundur Gylfason - depression, Icelandic politician, historian, poet, suicide by self-strangulation

- H -


Ludwig Haberlandt - depression, Austrian father of hormonal contraception, suicide for his views on reproductive biology

Stephen Haggard - depression, British actor, writer, poet, suicide by gunshot

Hai Zi - depression, Chinese poet, suicide by lying in front of train

Jonathan Hale - depression, Canadian film, TV actor, suicide

Charles Haley - bipolar American NFL football linebacker

Terry Hall - bipolar English singer

Lillian Hall-Davis - depression, British actress, suicide by gas oven, slashed throat

Ryan Halligan - depression, American (Vermont) bullied, cyber-bullied 13-year-old student, suicide by hanging

Kenneth Halliwell - depression, British actor, writer, suicide by ingesting Nembutol

Tony Halme - depression, Finnish politician, athlete, author, actor, suicide by gunshot

Mitch Halpern - depression, American boxing referee, suicide by gunshot

Pete Ham - depression, Welsh singer-songwriter, guitarist (Badfinger), suicide by anging

Rusty Hamer - depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot

Dorothy Hamill - depression, U. S. Olympic champion figure skater

Charles Hamilton - bipolar American hip-hop artist, producer

Alexander Hamilton - depression, American founding father, Secretary of the Treasury, politician

James Hamilton - bipolar Scottish 3rd Earl of Arran

Linda Hamilton - bipolar American actress

Lois Hamilton - depression, American model, actress, author, aviatrix, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Paula Hamilton - bipolar English model

John Hamm - depression, American actor, director

Gordon Hammersley - depression, British actor, suicide by leaping in front of a train

Darrell Hammond - bipolar American actor, stand-up comedian, impressionist

Roy Hampton - depression, American attorney, journalist, Los Angeles City Councilman, suicide by gunshot 

Tony Hancock - depression, English actor, comedian

George Frederic Handel - bipolar German-British Baroque classical composer

St. John Emile Clavering Hankin - depression, British essayist, playwright, suicide by drowning

Phil Hankinson - depression, American NBA basketball player, suicide by gunshot

Hannah - depression, Old Testament barren wife, mother of prophet Samuel

Hannibal (Barca) - depression, Carthaginian military commander, suicide by ingesting poison

Andrew Hansen - depression, australian comedian

Robert Hansen - bipolar American, abused serial killer

Tamiki Hara - depression, Japanese author, Hiroshima survivor, suicide by throwing self in front of train

James Harden-Hickey - depression, American author, newspaper editor, adventurer, duelist, Prince James I of Trinidad, suicide by morphine overdose 

Garrett Hardin - depression, American ecologist, suicide

Anthony Hardy - bipolar English serial killer

Johann Hari - depression, British writer, journalist

Raimund Harmstorf - depression, German actor, suicide by hanging

Pete Harnisch - depression, American MLB baseball pitcher

Brian Harnois - depression, American Paranormal investigator, "Ghost Hunters" TV personality

Roland Harrah III - depression, American film/TV child actor, songwriter, suicide

Eric David Harris - depression, Columbine High School shooter, suicide by gunshot

Skip Harris - depression, my classmate, suicide

Beth Hart - depression American singer-songwriter, musician, painter

Herbert Hart - depression, British philosopher

Horace Hart - depression, English printer, biographer, suicide by drowning

Moss Hart - bipolar actor, director, playwright

Michael D. Harter - depression, American U.S. Representative from Ohio, suicide

Mariette Hartley - depression, American actress

Elizabeth Hartman - depression, American actress

Doug Harvey - bipolar Canadian ice hockey player

Arihiro Hase - depression, Japanese actor, voice actor, suicide by 7-story leap

Sadao Hasegawa - depression, Japanese graphic artist, suicide

Kunihiko Hashida - depression, Japanese physician, physiologist, suicide by ingesting potassium cyanide

Rashad Hashim - depression, Sudanese poet, suicide

Imogen Hassall - depression, English actress, suicide by Tuinal overdose

Beatrice Hastings - depression, English writer, poet, literary critic, suicide by cooking gas

James Hatfield - depression, American author, suicide by prescription drug overdose

Juliana Hatfield - depression, American guitaist, singer-songwriter, author

Anne Hathaway - depression, American actress

Donny Hathaway - depression, American jazz and blues singer-songwriter, musician, suicide by high leap from a building

Max Haufler - depression, Swiss actor, film director

Felix Hausdorff - depression, German mathematician, suicide

Jacob Haussling - depression, American, four-time Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, suicide

Henrik Havas - bipolar Hungarian journalist, government spokesman

George G. Haven - depression, American businessman, suicide by gunshot

Phyllis Haver - depression, American actress, suicide by barbiturates overdose

Hampton Hawes - depression, American bebop, jazz pianist

Robert Stephen Hawker - bipolar English poet, Anglican priest

Stephen Hawking - depression, British physicist

Walter Foxcroft Hawkins - American local attorney, politician, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Mayor, suicide by gunshot

Goldie Hawn - depression, American actress, comedienne

Johnathan Hay - bipolar Australian footballer

Benjamin Haydon - depression, British historical painter, suicide by gunshot, slit throat

Friedrich August Hayek - depression, Austrian economist

Peter Hayes - bipolar prominent Australian lawyer, director of Melbourne football club

Attila Hazai - depression, Hungarian writer, suicide

Glenn Hearn - American FBI agent, Alabama state legislator, Mayor of Huntsville, suicide by asphyxiation

Sadegh Hedayat - depression, Iranian writer of prose, short stories, suicide by gassing

Olle Hedberg - depression, Swedish author, suicide

Thomas Heggen - depression, American author, suicide by prescription drugs, drowning

Jerry Heidenreich - depression, swimmer, suicide American Olympic 

Carolyn Gold Heilbrun - depression, American academic, author, novelist, suicide by drug overdose, suffocation 

Claudia Heill - depression, Austrian Olympic judoka, suicide by 6-story leap

Henry Hellyer - depression, English surveyor, architect, explorer, suicide

 Ernest Hemingway - depression, Nobel Prize-winning american writer, suicide by gunshot after ECT (electro-convulsive therapy)

Gregory Hemingway - bipolar American physician, biographer, 3rd son of Ernest Hemingway

Leicester Hemingway - depression, American writer, suicide by gunshot

Margaux Hemingway - depression, American actress, Ernest's granddaughter, suicide by drugs

Mariel Hemingway - depression, American actress

Jarl Hemmer - depression, Finnish author, poet, suicide

Paige Hemmis - depression, TV host, carpenter, entrepeneur

Florence Henderson - depression, American actress, singer

William James Henderson - depression, American music critic, scholar, suicide by gunshot

Benjamin Hendrickson - depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot

Jimi Hendrix - bipolar American musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter

Drewe Henley - bipolar British actor in film TV and theater

Lenny Henry - depression, British actor, writer, comedian, TV presenter

Robert Lee Henry - American, Texas U.S. Legislator, suicide by gunshot 

Audrey Hepburn - depression, British film and stage actress, humanitarian, fashion icon

John Herald - depression, American folk, bluegrass songwriter, musician, suicide

Henry William Herbert - depression, English novelist, poet, historian, illustrator, journalist, sportswriter, suicide by gunshot

Iva Hercikova - depression, Czech writer, novelist, screenwriter, suicide

Gabriel Hernandez - depression, Dominican Republic Olympic boxer, suicide by hanging

 Herod - depression Palestinian King who sought to kill the baby Jesus

James Leo Herlihy - depression, American novelist, playwright, actor, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Clarence Herschberger - depression, American football player, coach, suicide by gas

Kristin Hersh - bipolar American musician, singer, songwriter, author

Theodore Herzl - bipolar Jewish journalist author from Austria-Hungary, "Father of Zionism," founder of nation of Israel

Anderson Bigode Herzer - depression, Brazilian writer, poet, suicide by leap from viaduct 

Hermann Hesse - depression, German-Swiss poet, novelist, painter

Paul Hester - depression, Australian TV personality, drummer (Crowded House, Split Enz), suicide by hanging

James Hetfield - depression, American lead singer-songwriter, rhythm guitarist for "Metallica"

Bill Hicks - depression, American comedian, musician

HIDE - depression, Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, suicide by hanging

Catherine Higgins - depression, American actress, suicide by drug overdose

Carl Hill - bipolar Swedish landscape painter

Geoffrey Hill - depression, English professor, poet

Paris Hilton - depression, American heiress, notorious socialite

Heinrich Himmler - depression, German SS leader, suicide by cyanide ingestion

John Hinckley, Jr. - depression, would-be assassin of U.S. President Ronald Reagan

Ashihei Hino - depression, Japanese novelist, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Ludwig Hirsch - depression, Austrian singer-songwriter, actor, suicide by multi-story leap

Alfred Hitchcock - bipolar English film director and producer

Adolf Hitler - bipolar Chancellor of Nazi Germany, suicide by gunshot and cyanide

Jane Aiken Hodge - depression, American-British writer, suicide by drug overdose

Merton Hodge - depression, New Zealand actor, playwright, medical practitioner, suicide by drowning

Evelyn Hoey - depression, American theater singer, actress, suicide by gunshot

Abbie Hoffman - bipolar American political activist, suicide by ingesting phenobarbital

Dustin Hoffman - depression, American film, TV, stage actor

Lutz Hoffmann - depression, East German Olympic gymnast, suicide

Markus Hoffmann - depression, German actor, suicide by 28-story leap

Steven Holcolmb - depression, American bobsled Olympian

Friedrich Holderlin - bipolar German Romantic lyrical poet

Judd Holdren - depression, American film actor, suicide by gunshot

Heidi Holland - depression, South African journalist, author, suicide

Don Hollenbeck - depression, American newscaster, commentator, suicide by gassing

Jennifer Holliday - depression, American singer, actress

Michael Holliday - depression, british singer, suicide by drug overdose

Libby Holman - depression, American torch singer, stage actress, suicide by CO poisoning

Baskerville Holmes - depression, American NBA basketball player, suicide

Dame Kelly Holmes - depression, British Olympic middle distance runner

Tuomas Holopainen - depression, Finnish keyboardist, songwriter

Gustav Holst - bipolar English classical composer

Otto Honigschmid - depression,  Czech-Austrian chemist, suicide

Robert Hope-Jones - depression, English inventor of the theatre organ, suicide 

Doug Hopkins - depression, American musician musician, songwriter, suicide by gunshot

Russell Hopton - depression, American film actor, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Anthony Hopkins - depression, British actor, film, stage, television

Gerard Manley Hopkins - bipolar English poet

Marya Hornbacher - bipolar American writer

David Horvitz - depression, American multimedia artist

Soad Hosny - depression, Egyptian actress, possible suicide by leap from balcony

Byron Houston - bipolar American pro basketball player

Elsie Houston - depression, Brazilian singer, suicide

Whitney Houston - bipolar American R&B and pop singer

Tim Hovey - depression, American child actor, suicide by drug overdose

Brian Howard - depression, American poet, journalist, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Bryce Dallas Howard - depression, American film actress, writer, director, daughter of Ron Howard

Lisa Howard - depression, American journalist, TV news anchor, suicide by ingestion of barbiturates

Robert Howard - depression, American world class triple, long jumper, suicide by 10-story leap

Robert E. Howard - depression, American author, suicide by gunshot

Frankie Howerd OBE-  depression, British comedian

Herbert Hubor - depression, Austrian Olympic alpine skier, suicide by hanging

Danton Hughes - depression, sculptor, art critic, suicide

Howard Hughes - depression, American business magnate, investor aviator, aerospace engineer, movie maker, philanthropist

Nicholas Hughes - depression, British-American fisheries biologist, suicide by hanging

Victor Hugo - bipolar French poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, visual artist

Lorraine Huling Maynard - depression, American silent film actress, author, suicide

Arthur Eaglefield Hull - depression, English music critic, writer, composer, organist, suicide by throwing self beneath train

Sandy Hume - depression, American journalist (son of Brit Hume), suicide by gunshot

Lester C. Hunt - depression, American dentist, politician, Governor of Wyoming, suicide by gunshot

William Morris Hunt - depression, American painter, suicide

Paul Hurst - depression, American film actor, director, suicide

Leona Hutton - depression, American actress, suicide by codeine overdose

Heydar Huseynov - depression,  Azerbaijani philosopher, academician, suicide by slicing veins

Michael Hutchence - depression, lead singer for INXS, suicide by alcohol, Prozac, cocaine, and other prescription drugs

Sir Julian Huxley - depression, British author and evolutionary biologist

Robin Hyde - depression, New Zealand poet, suicide by ingesting Benzedrine

Phyllis Hyman - bipolar American singer, suicide by pentobarbital and secobarbital


- I -

Janis Ian - depression, American singer-songwriter

Paolo Iashvili - depression, Georgian poet, suicide by gunshot

Ike Ibeabuchi - bipolar Nigerian heavyweight boxer

Henrik Ibsen - bipolar Norwegian poet, playwright, theater director

Ichikawa Danjuro VIII - depression, Japanese kabuke actor, suicide by slashed wrists

Youssef Idilbi - depression, Dutch actor, suicide by leaping off roof

Evald Ilyenkov - depression, Russian Marxist author author, philosopher, suicide

Natalie Imbruglia - bipolar Australian actress, model, singer-songwriter

Clara Immerwahr - depression, German chemist, suicide by gunshot

Kaan Ince - depression, Turkish writer, poet, suicide by leap from hotel room window

Johnny Indrisano - depression, American welterwight boxer, suicide by hanging

William Inge - bipolar American playwright, novelist, teacher, suicide by carbon-monoxide poisoning

Jack Irons - bipolar American drummer

Weldon Irvine - depression, American composer, playwright, poet, pianist, organist, suicide 

Juzo Itami - depression, Japanese actor, film director, suicide by leaping from roof

Takahiro Ito - depression, actor, voice actor, suicide by CO poisoning

Elena Ivashchenko - depression, Russian Olympic judoka, suicide by 15-story leap

Charles Ives - bipolar Amercan modernist classical composer

Bruce Edwards Ivins - depression, American microbiologist, vaccinologist, suicide by Tylenol overdose

- J -

Joachim - Prince of  Prussia, depression, German Royal, suicide by gunshot

Johnny "J" - depression, Mexican-American songwriter, music producer, rapper, suicide by leap from prison upper tier

Andrew Jackson - depression, 7th U. S. President

Charles R. Jackson - depression, American author, suicide by barbiturate poisoning

Janet Jackson - depression, American singer

Jesse Jackson, Jr. - bipolar U.S. Congressman

Michael Jackson - depression, genius American musical artist, entertainer

Paris Jackson - depression, American TV personality, actress, daughter of Michael Jackson, suicide attempt by slitting wrists with meat cleaver

Marcel Jacob - depression, Swedish musician, singer-songwriter, suicide

Philipp Jaffe - depression, German historian, philologist, suicide

Ashley James - depression, American fashion model

Henry James - bipolar British writer

Richey James - depression, Welsh musician, lyricist

William James - depression, American physician, pioneering psychologist, philosopher

Joyce Jameson - depression, American actress, suicide by drug overdose

Kay Redfield Jamison, M.D. - bipolar American clinical psychiatrist, professor of psychiatry

Jang Ja-yeon - depression, South Korean actress, suicide by hanging

Zorka Janu - depression, Czech film actress, suicide by leaping from window

Alice de Janze - bipolar American heiress, suicide by gunshot

Randall Jarrell - bipolar American Poet Laureate, literary critic, children's author, essayist, novelist, likely suicide by being struck by an automobile

Adam Jasinski - bipolar American public relations manager, winner of Big Brother 9

Rick Jason - depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot

Jaxon - depression, American cartoonist, illustrator, writer, historian, suicide

Phataphat Jayalaxmi - depression, Indian actress, suicide

Thomas Jefferson - depression, 3rd U. S. President

Clayne Jeffs - depression, American son of cultist Warren Jeffs, suicide by gunshot

Richard Jeni - depression, American actor, stand-up comedian, suicide

Kylie Jenner - bipolar American model, actress

Jeong Da-bin - depression, South Korean actress, suicide by hanging

Jeremiah - depression, Old Testament Israeli, "the weeping prophet"

Morris K. Jessup - depression, astronomer, photographer, writer, suicide by automotive CO poisoning

Jia Hongsheng - depression, Chinese actor, suicide by leaping from apartment building 

Job - depression, Old Testament longsuffering Theophile

Jonah - depression, Old Testament, adventurous, rebellious prophet

Billy Joel - bipolar American singer-songwriter, pianist, suicide attempt 

Adolph Joffe - depression, Communist revolutionary, Bolshevik politician, Soviet diplomat, suicide

Santhosh Jogi - depression, Malayalee film actor, singer, suicide by hanging

Hjalmar Johansen - depression, Norwegian polar explorer, suicide

Saint John - bipolar Jew, one of Jesus' 12 disciples and New Testament writer

Sir Elton John - bipolar British-American rock singer-songwriter, composer pianist, actor

Andrew Johns - bipolar Australian rugby league player

Daniel Johns - depression, Australian musician

Orrick Glenday Johns - depression, American poet, playwright, suicide by poisoning

B.S. Johnson - depression, English novelist, poet, literary critic, filmmaker, TV producer, suicide by slit wrists

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - depression, American athlete, film and TV actor

James D. Johnson - depression, American, former Arkansas associate justice, unsuccessful candidate for Governor, U.S. Senate, suicide by gunshot

J.J. Johnson - depression, American trombonist, arranger, composer, suicide by gunshot

Lyndon B. Johnson - depression, 36th U. S. President

Ray Johnson - depression, american collagist, artist, suicide by leaping off  a bridge

Samuel Johnson - bipolar British biographer, essayist, lexicographer, poet

Daniel Johnston - bipolar American musician, singer-songwriter, artist

Angelina Jolie - depression, American actress

Jonah - depression, Hebrew Old Testament prophet

Bruce Jones - depression, English actor

Charles Jonas - depression, Czech-American, journalist, linguist, political activist, Wisconsin politician, suicide by gunshot 

Anson Jones - depression, American doctor, businessman, congressman, last President of the Republic of Texas, suicide by gunshot

Jim Jones - depression, "Peoples' Temple" cult leader, suicide by gunshot after leading a 909-member mass suicide by drinking cyanide-laced grape Flavor Ade

Kevan Jones - depression, British Labour Party MP

Malcolm Jones III - depression, American comic book artist, suicide

Ingrid Jonker - depression, south African poet, suicide by drowning

Tor Jonsson - bipolar Norwegian poet, journalist, suicide 

Lee Joon - bipolar South Korean actor, musician, singer, model

Benn Jordan - bipolar American modern jazz and IDM musician

Chris Joseph - bipolar English advertising executive, autobiographer

Nafisa Joseph - depression, Indian model, Miss Indian Universe, suicide by hanging

Ernst Josephson - bipolar Swedish painter

Attila Jozsef - depression, Hungarian poet, run over by train

Ashley Judd - bipolar American actress

Pauline Julien - depression, Canadian actress, singer-songwriter, feminist activist Quebec sovereignist, suicide

Philippe Jullian - depression, French illustrator, historian, biographer, aesthete, novelist, suicide

Jung Da Bin - depression, Korean actress

Hugo Jury - depression, Austrian physician, Nazi, suicide

Helmi Juvonen - bipolar Finnish-American artist

- K -


Metin Kacan - depression, Turkish author, suicide by leaping from bridge

Wolf Kaiser - depression, German theater, film actor, suicide by leaping from window

Art Kane - depression, American fashion, music photographer, suicide by gunshot

Sarah Kane - depression, British playwright, suicide by hanging

Franz Kafka - depression, Czech German-language writer, novelist

Cara Kahn - bipolar American TV actress

Jo Kaiser - depression, West German Olympic runner, suicide

Krizz Kaliko - bipolar American rapper, singer

Kalpana  - depression, Indian (Kannada) film actress, suicide by ingesting 14 sleeping pills, wedding ring

Antonie Kamerling - depression, Dutch TV-film actor, musician

Paul Kammerer - depression, Austrian biologist, suicide

Misuzu Kaneko - depression, Japanese poet, songwriter, suicide

Steve Kangas - depression, American journalist, political activist, suicide by gunshot

Chris Kanyon - bipolar American wrestler, suicide by overdose of antidepressants

Anneliese Kapp - depression, German Olympic diver, suicide

Vjekoslav Karas - depression, Croatian painter, suicide by drowning

Adrian Karsten - depression, American sports reporter, suicide by hanging

Kostas Karyotakis - depression, Greek poet, suicide by gunshot

Hamid Karzai - depression, 12th Afghan President

Bruno Kastner - depression, German stage, film actor, screenwriter, producer, suicide by hanging

Terry Kath - depression, American guitarist for Chicago, suicide by gunshot

Kazuhiko Kato - depression, Japanese record producer, songwriter, singer, suicide by hanging

Kerry Katona - bipolar English TV presenter, singer

Charlie Kaufman - depression, American screenwriter, producer, director, lyricist

Bizan Kawabata - depression, Japanese novelist, suicide

Kentaro Kawatsu - depression, Japanes Olympic swimmer, suicide by self-immolation

Danny Kaye - depression, American actor, comedian

Susanna Kaysen - depression, American writer, presidential advisor

John Keats - bipolar English romantic poet

Steven Keats - depression, American actor, suicide

Joseph Kebweteere - bipolar Ugandan ex-Catholic mass suicide leader, suicide

Anthony Kiedis - depression, American singer-songwriter (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Brian Keith - depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot

Kool Keith - depression, American hip-hop artist

Anthony Paul Kelly - depression, American screenwriter, suicide

Daniel E. Kelley - depression, American musician, entertainer, suicide

Mike Kelley - depression, American artist, suicide

Rachel Kelly - depression, British model wife, mother, society hostes 

Starr Kempf - depression, American artist, sculptor, architect, suicide by gunshot

Dr. Ken - depression, my friend, copatient, suicide by auto CO poisoning

Henry Kendall - depression, Australian author, poet

Samuel Austin Kendall - depression, American Republican Member U.S. House of Representatives (Pennsylvania), suicide by gunshot

John J. Kennedy - depression, American businessman, politician, Democrat New York State Treasurer, suicide

Patrick J. Kennedy - bipolar U.S. Congressman

               U.S. REP. PATRICK J. KENNEDY ON HIS BIPOLAR DISORDER AND                                                            ITS RAMIFICATIONS (7:12)

Jane Kenyon - bipolar American poet, translator

Johannes Kerkorrel - depression, South African singer-songwriter, journalist, playwright, suicide by hanging

Kerli - bipolar Estonian songwriter, recording artist

Jack Kerouac - depression, American poet, novelist

Marian Keyes - depression, Irish novelist and non-fiction writer

Alicia Keys - depression, American actress, singer-songwriter

Gyorgy Kezdy - depression, Hungarian actor, suicide

Jiah Khan - depression, British-Indian model, singer, actress, suicide by hanging

Velimir Khlebnikov - depression, Russian Futurist, playwright

Margot Kidder - depression, British actress

Tycho Kielland - depression, Norwegian jurist, journalist, suicide

Soren Kierkegaard - depression, Danish philosopher

Daul Kim - depression, South Korean fashion model, suicide

Kim Ji-hoo - depression, South Korean actor, model, suicide by hanging

Yu-ri Kim - depression, South Korean fashion model, suicide by ingesting poison

Per Kinde - depression, Swedish Olympic sports shooter, suicide by hanging

Allyn King - depression, American stage, film actress, singer, suicide by 5-story leap

Larry King - depression, American radio and TV host

Preston King - depression, American, U.S. representative, Senator from New York, suicide by suffocation/drowning 

Syd King - depression, English footballer, manager, suicide by ingesting corrosive liquid

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - depression, German painter, suicide

Anne Kirkbride - depression, English actress

Chris Kirkwood - depression, American musician, bassist (Meat Puppets)

Heorhiy Kirpa - depression, Ukrainian railway manager, statesman, politician, suicide by gunshot

Alan Kirschenbaum - depression, American TV producer, comedy writer, suicide

John Kirwan - depression, New Zealand rugby player, Japan coach

Morio Kita - bipolar Japanese novelist, essayist, psychiatrist

Tawny Kitaen - depression, American actress, media personality

R.B. Kitaj - depression, American artist, suicide by suffocation

Kitamura Tokoku - depression, Japanese poet, essayist, suicide by hanging

Ben Klassen - depression, American electrical engineer, inventor of the wall-mounted electric can opener, suicide by ingesting 4 bottles of sleeping pills

Heinrich von Kleist - bipolar German dramatist, poet, murder/suicide by gunshots

Ardian Klosi - depression, Albanian publicist, albanologist, writer, translator, social activist, suicide by hanging

Hans von Kluge - depression, German filed marshal, suicide by cyanide ingestion

Otto Klemperer - bipolar German classical conductor

Dylan Klebold - depression, Columbine H.S. shooter, suicide by gunshot

Fletcher Knebel - depression, American author, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Christopher Knight - depression, American actor

Wyatt Knight - depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot, American 

William F. Knowland - depression, American, publisher, California U.S. Senator, Majority Leader, suicide by gunshot

Beyonce Knowles - depression, American singer-songwriter 

Andrew Koenig - depression, American actor, director, writer, suicide by hanging

Sarah Kofman - depression, French philosopher, suicide 

Lawrence Kohlberg - depression, American psychologist, suicide by drowning / hypothermia

Hayley Marie Kohle - depression, Canadian fashion model, suicide by jumping off a tall building

Yoshio Kojima - depression, Japanese Olympic hammer thrower, suicide

Nikola Koljevik - depression, Bosnian-Serb politician, professor, translator, essayist, suicide by gunshot

John Konrads - bipolar Australian Olympic freestyle swimmer

Stanislaw Korab-Brzozowski - depression, Polish poet, translator, suicide

Ruslana Korshunova - depression, Kazakhstani fashion model, suicide by leaping from a 9th story window

Jerzy Kosinski - depression, Polish-American author, suicide by drugs, suffocation

Joey Kramer - depression, American musician, drummer

Philip Taylor Kramer - depression, American bass guitar player (Iron Butterfly), suicide by car driven over a cliff

Susan Kramer - depression, my paternal grandmother 

Edward C. Krause - depression, American, Wisconsin state Assemblyman, suicide by gunshot 

Velga Krile - depression, Latvian poet, playwright, suicide

Kris Kristofferson - depression, American country singer-songwriter, actor 

Patrick K. Kroupa - bipolar American writer, computer hacker 

Michael Kuhn - depression, American, bullied 13-year-old student, suicide by gunshot

Akira Kurosawa - depression, Japanese film director

Max Kurzweil - depression, Austrian painter, printmaker, suicide

Kim Kwang-seok - depression, South Korean folk rock singer, suicide by hanging


- L -


Deborah Laake - depression, American columnist, writer, suicide by drug overdose

Ben Lackland - depression, stage and early TV actor, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Alan Ladd - depression, American actor

Pat Lafontaine - depresssion, American NHL ice hockey player

Lady Gaga - depression, American singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, activist, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress, philanthropist

Debra LaFave - bipolar American schoolteacher, pedophile

Robert M. La Follette, Jr. - depression, American, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, suicide 

Alan Lake - depression, English actor, suicide by gunshot

Charles Lamb - bipolar English essayist

Mary Lamb - bipolar English writer, sister and collaborator of Charles Lamb

Sarah Lancashire - depression, English actress

Karen Lancaume - depression, French porn film actress, suicide by overdose of temazepam

Carole Landis - depression, American stage, screen actress, suicide by drug overdose

Walter Savage Landor - bipolar English poet, political writer

Edwin Landseer - depression, English painter, sculptor

James Henry Lane - depression, American, Kansas U.S. Senator, Civil War Union General, suicide by gunshot

Jessica Laney - depression, American cyber-bullied student, suicide

Andrew E. Lange - depression, American astrophysicist, suicide by asphyxiation

Artie Lange - depression, comedian, radio personality, actor

Jessica Lange - depression, American film, stage, TV actress

Napoleon Lapathiotis  depression, Greek poet, suicide by gunshot

Mariano Jose de Larra - depression, Spanish writer, suicide by gunshot 

William H. Lash - depression, American Assistant Secretary in Department of Commerce, suicide by gunshot

Orlando de Lassus - depression, Franco-Flemish Romantic polyphonic classical composer, singer

Zoltan Latinovits - depression, Hungarian actor, suicide by leaping under a train

Cindi Lauper - bipolar American singer-songwriter, producer actress, LGBT activist

Rod Lauren - depression, American actor, singer, suicide by 2nd-floor balcony leap

Hugh Laurie - depression, British actor 

Florence Lawrence - depression, Canadian silent film actress, suicide by ingesting ant paste

George P. Lawrence - depression, American Member of U.S. Congress from New York, suicide by 8-story leap

Katherine Lawrence - depression, American writer, screenwriter, suicide by drowning

Martin Lawrence - depression, American actor, comedian, director

Peter Nolan Lawrence - bipolar American writer

Denis Lawson - depression, Scottish actor, director

Larry Lea - bipolar American pastor and televangelist

Margaret Leahy - depression, British actress, suicide

Edward Lear - depression, English painter, illustrater, author, poet

Frances Lear - bipolar American activist, magazine publisher, writer, wife of Norman Lear 

Petr Lebl - depression, Czech theatre director, sceneographer, actor, designer, suicide by hanging

Nicolas Leblanc - depression, French chemist, surgeon, suicide by gunshot

Jan Lechon - depression, Polish poet, literary and theater critic, suicide by 12th-floor leap

Pepi Lederer - depression, American actress, writer, suicide by multi-story leap

Heath Ledger - depression, Australian actor, director, suicide by drug overdose

Amy Lee - bipolar American singer-songwriter, classical pianist

Jon Lee - depression, British rock drummer (Feeder), suicide by hanging

Lee Eun-ju - depression, South Korean actress, suicide by slit wrists, hanging

Rita Lee - bipolar Brazilian rock singer and composer

Robert E. Lee - bipolar American Confederate soldier, general

Valery Legasov - depression, Russian inorganic chemist, suicide by hanging

Trent Lehman - depression, American child actor, suicide by hanging

Wilhelm Lehmbruck - depression, German sculptor, suicide

Joel Lehtonen - depression, Finnish author, translator, critic, journalist, suicide by hanging

Megan Leigh - depression, American porn actress, suicide by gunshot

Vivien Leigh - bipolar American actress

Francois Lemoyne - depression, French rococo painter, suicide by stabbing

Nikolaus Lenau - depression, Austrian poet

John Lennon, MBE, -bipolar British musician, singer-songwriter

Neil Lennon - depression, Irish footballer

J.M.R. Lenz - bipolar Baltic-German writer, probable suicide 

Dave Lepard - depression, Swedish lead singer, guitarist (Crashdiet), suicide by hanging

Andrzej Lepper - depression, Polish farmer, politician, Deputy Prime Minister, suicide by hanging

Mikhail Lermontov - depression, Russian Romantic writer, poet, painter

Rika Lesser - bipolar American poet, writer, translator

David Letterman - depression, American comedian, talk-show host

Hermann Leuchs - depression, German chemist, suicide

Edouard Leve - depression, French writer, artist, photographer, suicide

Blake Le Vine - bipolar American therapist, author, life coach, documentary film maker

Monica Lewinsky - depression, President Clinton White House intern

Andy Lewis - depression, Australian band (Plunderers, Whitlams, Gadflys) bassist, suicide

Jenifer Lewis - bipolar American actress

Jordan Lewis - depression, American 15-year-old bullying victim, suicide by gunshot

Meriwether Lewis - depression, American explorer, suicide by gunshot

Richard Lewis - depression, American comedian, actor, copywriter

Ronald Lewis - depression, Welsh actor, suicide by barbiturate overdose

Martin Lev - depression, English child actor, suicide

Oscar Levant - bipolar American pianist, composer, author, comedian, author

Primo Levi - depression, Jewish-Italian author and chemist, suicide by 3-story fall-  

D. A. Levy - depression, American poet, artist, publisher, suicide by gunshot

Heather Lewis - depression, American writer, suicide

Hans Leybold - depression, German poet, suicide by gunshot

Frank Xavier Leyendecker - depression,  American illustrator, suicide by morphine overdose

Bill Lichtenstein - bipolar American radio-TV producer

Steve Lieberman - bipolar Jewish-American punk rock singer, musician, composer, producer

Gary Lightbody - depression, Northern Irish musician, guitarist, songwriter, lead vocalist (Snow Patrol)

Chris Lighty - depression, American hip-hop manager, suicide by gunshot

William Liley - depression, New Zealand medical practitioner, perinatal physiologist, suicide

Lin Dai -depression, Hong Kong actress, suicide by inhalation of methane, sleeping pill overdose

Abraham Lincoln - depression 16th U.S. President, assassinated

Mary Todd Lincoln - bipolar American wife of President Abraham Lincoln

Max Linder - depression, French comedian, screenwriter, stage and scren actor, double-suicide with wife by sliced wrists and veronal and morphine

Vachel Lindsay - depression, American poet, painter, suicide by drinking lye

Marsha Linehan - depression, American writer

Bai Ling - depression, Chinese-American actress

Karl Paul Link - depression, American bipolar biochemist

Diane Linkletter - (daughter of Art) - depression, American, suicide by hi-rise leap

Mark Linkous - depression, American singer, songwriter, musician (Dancing Hoods, Sparklehorse), suicide by gunshot

Arthur Lipsett - bipolar Canadian avante-garde director of collage films, suicide

Jack Little - depression, British-American singer-songwriter, composer, pianist, actor, suicide

Little Richard - depression, American singer-songwriter, pianist

Carlo Lizzani - depression, Italian film director, screenwriter, critic, suicide by leap from balcony

Heather Locklear - depression, American actress

Ross Lockridge, Jr. - depression,  American novelist, suicide by CO poisoning

Philip Loeb - depression, American stage, film, TV actor, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Jeanette Loff - depression, American screen actress, singer, suicide by ingesting ammonia

Joshua Logan - bipolar American stage and film director, writer 

Todd Loik - depression, British Columbian 15-year-old bullying victim, suicide

Bernard Loiseau - bipolar French chef, suicide by firearm

Willy Loman - depression, Fictitious character (salesman) first played by Lee J. Cobb

Mark Lombardi - depression, American neo-conceptual artist, suicide hanging

Jack London - depression, American author

Earl Long - bipolar American politician, 45th Governor of Louisiana

Terry Long - depression, American NFL football player, suicide by drinking antifreeze

Clive Longe - depression, British Olympic Decathlon athlete, suicide

Leila Lopes - depression, Brazilian actress, journalist, porn star, TV presenter, suicide by poisoning

Oscar Lopez - depression, Chilean-Canadian folk & flamenco guitarist

Federico Garcia Lorca - depression, Spanish poet, dramatist, theatre director

Thorn Lord - depression, American New Jersey politician, Assistant U.S. Attorney, suicide by garroting using electric shaver cord

Greg Louganis - depression, American Olympic medalist, diving, 2 suicide attempt

Demi Lovato - bipolar American musician

                                   DEMI LOVATO'S BIPOLAR STORY...

Courtney Love - depression, American musician, actress, artist

Ris Low - bipolar Miss Singapore World, nursing student

James Russell Lowell - depression, Romantic poet, critic, lawyer, newspaper and magazine editor, abolitionist, college professor, multiple suicidal ideations

Robert Lowell - bipolar American poet

Kailyn Lowry - bipolar American actress

Malcolm Lowry - bipolar British writer, suicide by alcohol and drugs

Gherasim Luca - depression, Romanian surrealist poet, suicide by drowning

Leopoldo Lugones - depression, Argentine writer, journalist, suicide

J. Anthony Lukas - depression, American journalist, author, suicide by hanging

Daisy Lumini - depression, Italian composer, singer, stage actress, suicide by leaping from dam aqueduct

Gianni Lunadei - depression, Italian-Argentine actor, suicide by gunshot

Salvador Luria - depression, Italian biologist, Nobel Laureate

Martin Luther - depression, German priest, theologian 

Jayne Lutwyche - bipolar BBC journalist

Yury Lutovinov - depression, Russian labor leader, member of Communist Party Central Committee, suicide

Roman Lyashenko - depression, Russian NHL ice hockey player, suicide by hanging

Loretta Lynne - depression, American country singer

Sue Lyon - bipolar American movie actress 

- M -


Hugh MacDiarmid - depression, Scottish poet

Ian MacDonald - depression, British music critic , author, suicide

F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre - depression, American poet, journalist, illustrator, novelist, suicide by self-immolation

Colin Mackay - depression, Scottish novelist, poet, suicide

Billy MacKenzie - depression, Scottish lead singer for the Associates, suicide by several drugs

Frank MacKey - depression, American Olympic polo player, suicide by gunshot

Louis MacNeice - depression, Irish poet, playwright

Mark Madoff - depression, American (son of Bernie), suicide by hanging

Madonna - bipolar American singer-songwriter, actress, author, director, entrepeneur, philanthropist

Magik - depression, Polish rapper (Kaliber 44, Paktofonika), record producer, suicide by 9th-floor leap

Lucio Magri - depression, Italian journalist, politician, suicide

Claudio Magris - depression, Italian scholar, translator, writer, professor

Emily Maguire - bipolar English singer-songwriter

Gustav Mahler - bipolar Austrian late-Romantic classical composer, conductor

John Mahoney - depression, English-American actor

Anton Maiden - depression, Swedish singer, suicide

Norman Mailer - depression, American novelist, journalist, essayist, playeright, filmmaker, actor, political candidate

Philipp Mainlander - bipolar German poet, philosopher, suicide by hanging 

Janos Majlath - depression, Hungarian historian, poet, suicide by drowning

Tina Malone - bipolar English actress, writer, director, producer

Osip Mandelstam - depression, Russian poet, essayist, attempted suicide

Donald R. Manes - depression, American politician, suicide by stabbing self

James Clarence Mangan - bipolar Irish poet

Martin Manley - depression, American sportswriter, suicide by gunshot

Klaus Mann - depression, German writer, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Madalina Manole - depression, Romanian pop singer, suicide by pesticide poisoning

Arman Manookian - depression, Armenian-American painter, suicide

Shirley Manson - depression, Scottish singer, actress

Richard Manuel - depression, Canadian singer, composer (The Band), suicide by hanging

Sandor Marai - depression, Hungarian writer, journalist, suicide by gunshot

Eugene Marais - depression, South African lawyer, naturalist, poet, writer, suicide by gunshot

Damien Marchesseault - depression, American, 7th Mayor of Los Angeles, suicide by gunshot

Mary Marcy - depression, American socialist author pamphleteer, poet, suicide by poison ingestion

Simone Mareuil - depression, french actress, suicide by self-immolation

Ann Margret - depression, Swedish-American actress, singer, dancer

Stefan Marinov - depression, Bulgarian physicist, researcher, writer, lecturer, suicide by leaping off a staircase

Josh Marks - bipolar American MasterChef finalist (3rd runner-up)

Nilgun Marmara - depression, Turkish poet, suicide by 6th-floor leap

William Marrufo - bipolar American drummer for the band Ozomatli

Brandon Marshall - depression, American football linebacker

Tommy Marth - depression, American saxophone player, suicide by gunshot

Emily Martin - bipolar American sinologist, anthropologist, feminist

John Martin - depression, English Romantic painter, engraver, illustrator, amateur inventor

Spider Martin - depression, American photographer, suicide

Andrew Martinez - depression, American nudism activist, suicide by suffocation

Harry Martinson - depression, Swedish sailor, author, poet, suicide by disembowelment using scissors

Lina Marulanda - depression, Colombian TV personality, model, suicide by jumping from 6th floor

Jay Marvin - bipolar American radio personality, writer

Eleanor Marx - depression, English socialist activist, literary translator, suicide by poisoning

J. James Marzilli - bipolar American, Massachusetts state Representative, Senator

Virginia Maskell - depression,  English actress, suicide by barbiturates

Tim Mason - depression, British Marxist historian, suicide

Heather Matarazzo - depression, American actress

Marshall Bruce Mathers (Eminem) - bipolar American rapper, songwriter, actor, record producer

Dave Matthews - depression, American musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter, actor

Henri Matisse - depression, French painter

Matonabbee - depression, Chipewyan hunter, leader, explorer, suicide by hanging

Sumako Matsui - depression, Japanese actress, singer, suicide by hanging

Tadahiro Matsushita - depression, Japanese politician, member of House of Representatives, suicide by hanging

Augustus Mattheissen - depression, British chemist, physicist, lecturer, suicide 

F.O. Mattheissen - depression, educator, scholar, literary critic, suicide

Guy de Maupassant - depression, French writer

Gavin Maxwell - bipolar Scottish naturalist, author

Brian May - depression, British guitarist, singer-songwriter, astrophysicist

Eva May - depression, austrian actress, suicide by gunshot

Vladimir Mayakovsky - bipolar Russian writer, poet, author, playwright

William S. Maynard - depression, American, Michigan politician, Mayor of Ann Arbor,  suicide by ingesting laudnum (morphine)

Mayoori - depression, South Indian actress, suicide

Evan McCaskey - depression, American guitarist (Exodus, Blind Illusion), suicide

Alexander Keith McClung - depression, American duelist, poet, suicide

Susannah McCorkle - depression, American jazz singer, suicide by 16-story leap

Kendall McComas - depression, American child actor, engineer, suicide

Joseph McCormick - depression, American businessman, Illinois U.S. Congressman, Senator, suicide 

Kid McCoy - depression, American world champion boxer (1940), suicide by sleeping pill OD

Mindy McCready - depression, American country singer, multiple suicide attempts

Paul McCullough - depression, American actor, comedian, suicide by slashed wrists, neck

Joseph McDermott - depression, American actor, suicide

Audra McDonald - bipolar American singer, actress

Gary McDonald - depression, English actor

James E. McDonald - depression, American physicist, suicide by gunshot

Kevin McDonald - bipolar  American stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor

Marie McDonald - depression, American singer, actress, suicide by drug overdose

John McDowell - depressed, American,  Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania, suicide

Nelson McDowell - depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot

Arthur McEntyre - bipolar Australian artist

Robert McFarlane - depression, former U.S. National Security Advisor

Jamie McGrath - depression, Australian actor, suicide by drug overdose

Ewan McGregor - depression, Scottish actor

Tom McHale - depression, American novelist, suicide 

Alistair McHarg - bipolar Scottish national rugby player

Kitty McHugh - depression, American film actress, suicide

Arthur McIntyre - depression, Australian artist

Kenny McKinley - depression, American NFL football player, suicide by gunshot

Chris McKinstry - bipolar Canadian artifical intelligence researcher, suicide

Don McClean - bipolar American folk singer-songwriter

Rod McKuen - depression, American poet, singer-songwriter, composer, writer

Robert McLane - depression, American governor of Maryland, suicide by gunshot

Sarah McLachlin - depression, Canadian musician, singer-songwriter

Colin R. McMillan - American Assistant U.S. Secretary of Defense, suicide by gunshot

Maggie McNamara - depression, American stage, film, TV actress, model, suicide by ingesting barbiturates

Kristy McNichol - bipolar American actress

Alexander McQueen - depression, British fashion designer, suicide by hanging

Matthew Mechtel - depression, American Republican nominee for U.S. House of Representatives from North Dakota, suicide by gunshot

Joe Meek - depression, British record producer, songwriter, suicide by gunshot

Niklaus Meienberg - depression, Swiss author, suicide

Kersten Meier - depression, German Olympic swimmer, suicide by leap from bridge

Megan Meier - depression, American cyber-bullied high school student, suicide by hanging

Ulrike Meinhof - depression, German journalist, RAF terrorist, suicide by hanging

Kitty Melrose - depression, English stage actress, suicide

Herman Melville - bipolar American writer

Burgess Meredith - bipolar American actor, director

Paul Merton - depression, English comedian, writer, actor, TV presenter

Charles Meryon - bipolar French etching artist

Melinda Messenger - depression, English model, TV presenter

Alfred Metraux - depression, Swiss anthropologist, suicide by overdose of barbiturates

Charlotte Mew - depression, British poet

Harry Meyen - depression, German film actor, theater director, suicide

Viktor Meyer - depression, German chemist, suicide by ingesting cyanide

Edward Mezvinsky - bipolar American Democrat, Iowan member of the U.S. House of Representatives

Michelle - depression, my college classmate, suicide

Michael - Marie Osmond's son, depression, suicide by jumping out of a multistory windowe

George Michael - depression, English musician, singer-songwriter, record producer

Michaelangelo - bipolar Italian artist

Carlo Michelstaedter - depression, Italian writer, philosopher, suicide by gunshot

(My) Aunt Mick - depression, lived in a small house with more than 50 cats

Veronica Micle - depression, Austrian-Romanian poet, suicide by arsenic ingestion

Richard Barham Middleton - depression, British poet, suicide by breathing chloroform

Dimitri Mihalas - bipolar American astronomer, astrophysicist

Branko Miljkovic - depression, Serbian poet, suicide by hanging

John Stuart Mill - depression, British political philosopher, political economist, public servant

Edna St. Vincent Millay - bipolar American lyrical poet, playwright, feminist

Eric Millegan - bipolar American actor

Walter M. Miller, Jr. - depression, American writer, suicide by gunshot

Kate Millet - bipolar American author, painter

Spike Milligan - depression, American comic actor writer

Roger Milliot - depression, French poet, painter, suicide by drowning

William Oswald Mills - depression, American Republican U.S. Congressman, suicide by gunshot

Charles Mingus - bipolarAmerican jazz double bassist, composer, bandleader

Kylie Minogue - depression, Australian pop singer-songwriter, recording artist, actress

Carmen Miranda - depession, Samba dancer, actress

Jon Mirande - depression, Basque writer, translator, suicide

Joan Miro - depression, Spanish painter

Miroslava - depression, Czech-Mexican actress, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Yukio Mishima - depression, Japanese author, poet, playwright, actor, director, suicide by seppuku

Jorge Mistral - depression, Spanish film actor, suicide by gunshot 

Joni Mitchell - bipolar Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, painter

Stanley Mitchell - bipolar British author, translator, academic

Vilhelm Moberg - depression, Swedish author, playwright, historian, suicide by drowning

Walther Model - depression, German field marshal, suicide by gunshot

Arthur Moeller van den Bruck - depression, German cultural historian, writer, suicide

George de Mohrenschildt - depression, Russian-American petroleum geologist, professor, suicide by shotgun blast

Antonin Moine - depression, French sculptor, suicide by gunshot

Teri Moise - depression, American singer, suicide

Gabrielle Molina - depression, American, bullied, cyber-bullied 12-year-old student, suicide 

Pierre Molinier - depression, French painter, photographer, suicide by gunshot

Carl Moll - depression, Austrian art neuveaux painter, suicide

Seaneen Molloy - bipolar Northern Irish blogger, activist

Monal - depression, Indian film actress, suicide by hanging

Claude Monet - depression, French Impressionist painter

Mario Monicelli - depression, Italian film director, screenwriter, suicide by leaping from high hospital window

Marilyn Monroe - bipolar American actress, "probable suicide" by barbiturates overdose

Eugenio Monti - depression, Italian Olympic bobsledder, suicide by gunshot

Henry de Montherlant - depression, French essayist, novelist, dramatist, suicide by ingested cyanide, gunshot

Adolphe Monticelli - depression French painter

Ben Moody - bipolar American musician

Ciera Lynne Moore - depression, American bullied 14-year-old student, suicide

Donnie Mooredepression, American relief pitcher for the California Angels, murder-suicide by gunshots

Mandy Moore - depression, American singer-songwriter, actress, fashion designer

Pamela Moore - bipolar American writer, suicide by gunshot

Chris Morgan - depression, Welsh journalist, suicide

Paige Moravetz - depression, bullied American teenager, suicide by hanging

Chester Morris - depression, American actor, suicide by barbiturates overdose

Alanis Morrisette - depression, American musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, actress

Morrissey - depression, British singer, lyricist

Jim Morrison - bipolar American musician, (suicide?) by drug overdose

Moses - bipolar Biblical Old Testament Israeli leader, writer of the Pentateuch

James Mossman - depression, British journalist, TV broadcaster, reporter, interviewer, suicide by overdose of barbiturates

Eva Mottley - depression, British actress, suicide by drug overdose

Charles Mount - bipolar American artist

Alison Moyet - bipolar English singer, songwriter, performer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - bipolar Austrian composer

Dhan Gopal Mukerji - depression, Indian-American writer, suicide by hanging

Subhash Mukhopadhyay - depression, pioneering Indian physian, suicide

John Mulgan - depression, New Zealand writer, journalist, author, suicide by overdose of morphine

John A. Mulheren - bipolar American stocks and options trader

Inge Muller - depression, East German author, suicide by medicine overdose and poison gas

Al Mulock - depression, Canadian character actor, suicide by leap from high balcony

Edvard Munch - bipolar German artist

Robert Munsch - bipolar American-Canadian author

Ona Munson - depression, American actress, suicide by barbiturate overdose

O. J. Murdock - depression, American NFL football player, suicide by gunshot

Alfred de Musset - depression, poet, dramatist, novelist

Modest Mussorgsky - depression, Russian classical composer

Myoma Nyein - depression, Burmese musician, performer, suicide by walking in front of a truck


- N -


Jill Naber - depression, American cyber-bullied high school freshman, suicide by hanging

Hisayasu Nagata - bipolar Japanese politician 

David Nail - depression, American country music singer

John Nash - bipolar British painter and wood engraver

Ilie Nastase - bipolar professional tennis player, politician

Yves Navarre - depression, French writer, suicide by barbiturate overdose

Scott Nearing - depression, American writer, conservationist, political activist, suicide by self-starvation

Nebuchadnezzar - depression, Old Testament Babylonian king

Henry Neele - depression, English poet, literary scholar, suicide by slit throat

Nehemiah - depression, Old Testament prophet, rebuilder of razed Jerusalem

Nekojiru - depression, Japanese manga artist, suicide

Evelyn Nelson - depression, American silent film actress, suicide by gassing

Nero - depression, Roman emperor, suicide under duress

Gerard de Nerval - depression, French Romantic poet, suicide by hanging

Torquato Neto - depression, Brazilian journalist, poet, songwriter, suicide

Klara Dan von Neumann - depression, Austria-Hungary-American scientist, pioneering computer programmer

Aaron Neville - depression, American soul, R&B, country singer, musician

Sir Isaac Newton - bipolar British physicist

Terry Newton - depression, English rugby player, suicide by hanging

Olivia Newton-John - depression, Australian singer, actress

Adela Florence Nicolson - depression, English poet, suicide by poisoning

Masa Niemi - depression,  Finnish actor, suicide by ingesting sleeping pills

Frederich Nietzsche - bipolar German philosopher

Florence Nightingale - bipolar English nurse, writer, Crimean war veteran

Goce Nikolovski - depression, Macedonian singer, suicide by gunshot

Chester Nimitz, wife Joan - depression, U.S. Navy fleet Admiral, suicides by sleeping pills, alcohol, plastic bag asphyxiation

Vaslav Nijinsky - depression, Polish-Russian dancer, choreographer

Frank Nitti - depression, American gangster, suicide by gunshot

Richard Nixon - depression, 37th U.S. President

Hollister Noble - depression, American historical novelist, screenwriter, suicide by gunshot

Perry Noble - depression, American megachurch pastor, suicide contemplation

Jon Nodtveidt - depression, Swedish guitarist (Dissection), suicide by gunshot

Franz Nopesca von Felso-Szilvas, depression, Hungarian-Albanian paleontologist, suicide by gunshot

E. Herbert Norman - depression, Canadian diplomat, historian

Chuck Norris - depression, American martial arts expert, actor

John Howard Northrop - depression, American biologist, suicide 

Deborah Norville - depression, American TV journalist

Alighiero Noschese - Italian radio voice imitator, actor, parodist, suicide by gunshot

Adolphe Nourrit - depression, French operatic singer, librettist, composer, suicide by high leap

Kim Novak - bipolar American actress, painter



- O -


Conan O'Brian - depression, American TV host, comedian, writer, producer

John O'Brien - depression, American author, suicide by gunshot

Hugh O'Connor - depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot

Sinead O'Connor - bipolar Irish singer-songwriter

Juan O'Gorman - depression, Mexican painter, architect, suicide

Brian O'Hara - depression, British guitarist, lead vocalist (Fourmost), suicide

Georgia O'Keefe - bipolar American painter

Johnny O'Keefe - bipolar Australian rock and roll singer

Tatum O'Neal - depression, American actress, author, daughter of Ryan O'Neal

Keith O'Neil - bipolar American NFL football player

Eugene O'Neill - depression, American playwright, attempted suicide

Graeme Obree - bipolar Scottish racing cyclist

Ronnie O' Sullivan - depression, English world champion snooker player

Luis Ocana - depression, Spanish cyclist, Tour de France winner, suicide by gunshot

Phil Ochs - bipolar American folk singer-songwriter, suicide by hanging

Bill Oddie - bipolar British comedy performer, naturalist, ornithologist, artist, author, actor


Alexandru Odobescu - depression, Romanian author, arcaeologist, politician, suicide by morphine overdose

John Ogdon - bipolar English pianist, composer 

Per "Dead" Ohlin - depression, Swedish vocalist (Mayhem), suicide by gunshot

Yikiko Okada - depression, Japanese pop singer, suicide by gassing, slit wrists, leaping from 7 story building

Masaya Oki - bipolar Japanese actor, singer, suicide by jumping from 47th story

Paul Oliver - depression, American NFL football player, suicide by gunshot

Sir Lawrence Olivier - depression, British actor, director, producer

Lembit Oll - depression, Estonian chess Grandmaster, suicide by leaping from 5th -story window

Robert Oppenheimer - depression, American physicist

Margo Orum - bipolar writer

Jack Osbourne - depression, English media personality, son of Ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne - depression, English singer

Sharon Osborne - depression, wife of Ozzy and author, media personality, game show host


Sharon Osbourne 2, 2012.jpg



Donnie Osmond - depression, American singer, musician, dancer, radio personality

Marie Osmond - depression, American singer-songwriter

MARIE OSMOND CONSIDERS SUICIDE, ECT TREATMENT FOR MAJOR                                                       DEPRESSION (1:25)

Patton Oswalt - depression, American comedian, actor, writer

Cheri Oteri - bipolar American actress

Otho - depression, Roman emperor, suicide by dagger through heart

Craig Owens - bipolar American singer

Louis Owens - depression, Irish-American novelest, scholar, suicide

Owsley - depression, American singer-songwriter, suicide


- P -

Piet Paaltjens - depression, dutch minister, writer, suicide

Rafael Rodriguez Padilla - depression, Guatemalan painter, sculptor, printmaker, suicide

Stephen Page - bipolar Canadian singer

Nicola Pagett - bipolar British actress

Rena Pagrati - depression, Greek stage, film, TV actress, suicide

Andre Paiement - depression, Canadian playwright, musician, suicide

Georges Palante - depression, French philosopher, sociologist, suicide by gunshot

Patsy Palmer - depression, English actress

Vincent Luke Palmisano - depression, American Maryland politician, member of U.S. House of Representatives, suicide by drownig

Bartlomiej Palosz - depression, Polish-American 15-year-old, bullied high-school student, suicide by gunshot

Gwyneth Paltrow - depression, American actress

Breece D'J Pancake - depression, American author, suicide by gunshot

Susan Panico - bipolar American business executive

Marco Pantani - depression, Italian professional road racing cyclist, suicide by cocaine overdose

Billy Papke - depression, 1936 world champion boxer, murder-suicide by gunshot

Park Yong-ha - depression, South Korean actor, singer, suicide by hanging

Charles "Charlie" Parker - bipolar American jazz saxophonist, composer

Dorothy Parker - depression, American poet, writer, critic, satirist

Phillip Parker, Jr. - depression, American, gay 14-year-old bullied student, suicide

Stephanie Parker - depression, welsh actress, suicide by hanging

Emma Parker-Bowles - English model, TV presenter

Francis Parkman - depression, American historian, writer

George Berham Parr - American, Texas politician, suicide by gunshot

Violeta Parra - depression, Chilean composer, songwriter, folklorist, visual artist, suicide by gunshot

Dillwyn Parrish - depression, American writer, illustrator, painter, suicide by gunshot

Rehtaeh Parsons - depression, Nova Scotian 17-year-old student, raped, bullied, suicide by hanging

Dolly Parton - depression, American musician, singer, actress, philanthropist

Christine Pascal - depression, French actress, screenwriter, director, suicide by leap from window

Marie-Georges Pascal - depression, French film, theater, TV actress, suicide

Jules Pascin - depression, Bulgarian painter, suicide by slit writs, hanging

Dusan Pasek - depression, Slovak ice hockey, suicide by gunshot

Boris Pasternak - bipolar Russian language poet, novelist, translator

Jaco Pastorius - bipolar American jazz musician

Jenny Pat - depression, clinical depression, Chinese-Japanese art dealer, visual artist, Canadian TV personality, Discovery Channel personality

Robert Pattinson - bipolar English actor, model, producer, musician

George S. Patton - depression, U. S. army general

The Apostle Paul - (formerly Saul) - depression, New Testament writer, Israeli pharisee and Roman citizen

Henri Paul - depression, French chauffer to Princess Diana

Jane Pauley - bipolar American TV journalist, news presenter


Ota Pavel - bipolar Czech writer, journalist, sports reporter

Cesare Pavese - depression, Italian poet, novelist, literary critic, translator, suicide by ingestion of barbiturate

Andrea Pazienza - depression, Italian comics artist, painter, suicide by heroin overdose

Skylar Peak - bipolar American Mayor of California's San Louis Obispo

Karl Pearl - depression, bullied British 15-year-old youth, bullied, raped, suicide by drug overdose

Raphaelle Peal - depression, American still-life painter

Harry Thurston Peck, depression, American classical scholar, author, editor, critic, suicide

Amanda Peet - depression, American film, stage, TV actress

Pierre Peladeau - bipolar French-Canadian entrepeneur

Charlie Pell - depression, former University of Florida player, coach

Pina Pellicer - depression, Mexican actress, suicide

Alphonse Penaud - depression, French pioneer of aviation design and and engineering, suicide

Teddy Pendergrass - depression, American R&B soul singer-songwriter, lead singer "Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes"

Mike Penner - depression, American sports writer, suicide

James Cash (J. C.) Penny - bipolar American department chain-store founder

Olivia Penpraze - depression, Australian bullied high-school student, suicide by hanging

Roger Penzabene - depression, American songwriter, suicide

Victor Peralta - depression, Argentinian Olympic boxer, suicide by gunshot

Walker Percy - depression, American author, novelist

Tyron Perez - depression, Filipino model, actor, TV host, suicide

George Periolat - depression, American stage, screen actor, suicide by arsenic ingestion

Katy Perry - bipolar American recording artist, actress, philanthropist

Nils Persson - depression, Swedish Olympic sailor, suicide by hanging

Fernando Pessoa - bipolar Portuguese poet, writer, critic, translator, publisher, philosopher

Peter - depression, New Testament Apostle of Jesus Christ, minister to Jews and Gentiles

Susan Peters - depression, American stage, film, TV actress 

Jeret "Speedy" Peterson - depression, American Olympic silver-medalist skier, suicide by gunshot

Antonio Pettigrew - depression, American Olympic sprinter, assistant collegiate coach, suicide by drug overdose

Murray Pezim - bipolar American financier

Christiane Pflug - depression, Canadian painter, drafter, suicide by overdose of Seconal

Pharaoh - depression, cruel Egyptian monarch who finally let Moses' people go

Phila - depression, daughter of Antipater, Regent of Macedon, suicide

Regis Philbin - depression, American talk show host

Ryan Phillipe - depression, American actor

Fiona Phillips - depression, English journalist, TV presenter, broadcaster 

Josef Ladislav Pic - depression, Czech archeologist, paleontologist, suicide

T. Boone Pickens, Jr. - depression, American oil tycoon

Franklin Pierce - depression, 14th U. S. President

Justin Pierce - depression, British actor, skateboarder, suicide by hanging

Edmund Piesse - depression, Australian politician, suicide by CO poisoning

Janos Pilinsky - depression, Hungarian poet

Rosamond Pinchot - depression, American stage, film actress, suicide by automotive CO poisoning

H. Beam Piper - depression, American science fiction author, suicide by gunshot

Dan Pippin - depression, American Olympic basketball player, suicide

Clemens von Pirquet - depression, Austrian scientist, pediatrician, suicide by ingesting potassium cyanide

Sylvia Plath - depression, American poet, essayist, writer, suicide in gas oven

Jimmy Piersall - bipolar American baseball center-fielder, radio announcer

Luigi Pistilli - depression, Italian stage, screen, TV actor, suicide

Brad Pitt - depression, American actor

Alejandra Pizarnik - depression, Argentine poet, suicide by secobarbital ingestion

Placebo - (Brian Molko) bipolar English singer, guitarist 

Plato - bipolar ancient Greek classical philosopher, mathematician

Dana Plato - depression, American actress, suicide by ingesting Vanadom and Vicodin

Derrick Plourde - bipolar American drummer, suicide by gunshot

Stevie Plunder - depression, Australian guitarist, singer-songwriter, suicide

Sophie Podolski - depression, Belgian poet, graphic artist, suicide

Vladimir Podzimek - depression, Czechoslavakian Olympic skier, suicide by hanging

Edgar Allen Poe - bipolar American poet, writer

Benoit Poelvoorde - bipolar Belgian actor, comedian

Clark Polak - depression, American journalist, LGBT activist, suicide

John William Polidori - bipolar English writer, physician, suicide by cyanide

Daniel Pollock - depression, Australian actor, suicide by throwing self beneath train

Jackon Pollock - depression, American painter

Odean Pope - bipolar American jazz musician, tenor saxophonist

Paulina Porizkova - depression, Czech-American model, actress

Cole Porter - depression, American composer, songwriter

Gail Porter - bipolar British TV presenter

C.W. Post - depression, American breakfast cereal and prepared food magnate, suicde by gunshot

Emil Leon Post - bipolar mathematician

Zoe Shelton Post - depression, American 12-year-old bullied, cyber-bullied student, suicide

Jan Potocki - depression, Polish nobleman, suicide by gunshot

Audrie Pot - depression, American 15-year-old student, raped, cyber-bullied over Facebook, suicide by hanging

Nicos Poulantzas - depression, Greek Marxist political sociologist, suicide by jumping from high window

Ezra Pound - bipolar American expatriate poet, critic

Alma Powell - depression, wife of General Colin Powell

Bud Powell - bipolar American jazz pianist

William David Powell - depression, TV writer, suicide by stabbing self in chest

Susan Powter - depression, Australian motivational speaker, nutritionist, personal trainer, author

Antonia Pozzi - depression, Italian poet, suicide

Heinz C. Prechter - bipolar German-born entrepeneur

Elvis Presley - depression, American singer, actor

Lisa Marie Presley - depression, singer-songwriter, daughter of Elvis

George R. Price - depression, American physical chemist, population geneticist, science journalist, suicide by use of nail scissors to sever carotid artery

Katie Price (Jordan) - depression, English media personality, reality TV star, author, glamour model, singer, businesswoman

Katrina Price - depression, American professional basketball player, suicide by gunshot

Charlie Pride - bipolar American country singer, musician, performer, business owner

Mark Priestley - depression, Australian actor, suicide by leap from hotel window

Phoebe Prince - depression, 15-year-old Irish-American bullied, cyber-bullied high-school student, suicide by hanging

Freddie Prinze - depression, American actor and comedian, suicide by gunshot

Nathan Pritikin - depression, American nutritionist, suicide by severing both bracheal arteries with a scalpel 

Richard Pryor - depression, American comedian, actor, writer

Valdemar Psilander - depression, Danish silent film actor, suicide

Bill Pulsipher - depression, American baseball player

Alexander Pushkin - bipolar Russian author

Geoffrey Pyke - depression, English engineer, inventor of war materials, weapons of war, suicide by ingestion of sleeping pills


- Q -


Qiu Miaojin - depression, Taiwanese novelist, suicide by stabbing

Buell Quain - depression, American ethnologist, suicide

Lucio Quarantotto - depression, Italian songwriter, suicide from 6-story leap

Antero de Quental - bipolar Portuguese poet, philosopher, writer, suicide by gunshot 

Miguel Angel Quevedo - depression, Cuban journalist, publisher, editor, suicide

Richard Quine - depression, American stage, film, radio actor, film director, suicide by gunshot

Robert Quine - depression, American guitarist, suicide by drug overdose

Pierre Quinon - depression,  French Olympic pole-vaulter, suicide by 5-meter leap

Quintillus - depression, Roman emperor, physician-assisted suicide by slicing veins

Horacio Quiroga - depression, Uruguayan poet, writer, playwright, suicide by cyanide ingestion

Robin Quivers - depression, American radio personality

- R -


Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo - depression, Madagascar's poet, literary artist, suicide by cyanide poisoning

Gabriele Rabel - bipolar Austrian botanist, physicist

Sergei Rachmaninoffbipolar Russian classical composer, pianist

Josip Racic - depression, Croatian painter, suicide by gunshot

Fausto Radici - depression, Italian Olympic alpine skier, suicide by gunshot

Alexander Radishchev - depression, Russian author, social critic, suicide by poisoning 

William M. Rainach - depression, American, Louisiana state legislator, suicide by gunshot

Bonnie Raitt - depression, American blues singer-songwriter

Jason Raize - depression, American singer, actor, suicide by hanging

Pál Rajner - depression, Hungarian politician, Interior Minister, suicide

Anil Ramdas - depression, Dutch-Surinamese columnist, journalist, essayist, correspondant, TV and radio host, suicide

Dee Dee Ramone - bipolar German-American songwriter, musician, heroin overdose

Jose Antonio Ramos Sucre - depression, Venezualian poet, professor, erudite, suicide

Charlotte Rampling - depression, English actress

Kuljeet Randhawa - depression, Indian actress, model, suicide by hanging

Nicola Ann Raphael - depression, Scottish high-school bullying victim, suicide by Coproxamol overdose

Danny Rapp - depression, American musician (Danny and the Juniors), suicide by gunshot

David Rappaport - depression, English actor, suicide by gunshot

Charles Rappolt - depression, Australian airplane pilot, politician, suicide by hanging

Julien Rassam - depression, French actor, suicide

Cornelia Rau - bipolar German citizen and Australian permanent resident

Christopher Rave - depression, German painter, professor, suicide by gunshot

Amy Ray - bipolar American singer-songwriter (Indigo Girls)

Roy Raymond - depression, American founder of Victoria's Secret, suicide by leap from Golden Gate Bridge

Marvel Rea - depression, American silent film actress, suicide by ingesting ant paste

Henry English Read - depression, American congressman from Kentucky during the Confederacy, suicide

Richard Realf - depression, British-American poet, suicide by chloral hydrate, laudenum ingestion

Mac Rebennack (Dr. John) - bipolar American singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist - bipolar American musician

Liam Rector - depression, American poet, essayist, educator, suicide by gunshot

David Reddish - depression, American novelist, screenwriter

Lou Reed - depression, American rock musician, songwriter, photographer

George Reeves - depression, American actor, suicide by gunshot

Kirk Reeves - depression, American street musician, entertainer, suicide

Carlos Roberto Reina - depression, Honduran president, suicide by gunshot

David Oliver Relin - depression, American author, journalist, suicide

Edward Renehan, Jr. - depression, American author, historian, musician

Rhoda Rennie - depression, south African Olympic freestyle swimmer, suicide

Randy Revelle - bipolar American, King County, Washinton executive

Willy Rey - depression, Dutch-Canadian model, suicide by barbiturates overdose

Lucha Reyes - depression, mariachi music performer, suicide by tequila, pills

Thomas Caute Reynolds - depression, American Governor of Missouri, suicide by leaping into an elevator shaft

Thomas Reynolds - depression, American, Chief Supreme Court Justice for Illinois, 7th Governor of Missouri, suicide by gunshot 

Trent Reznor - bipolar American musician, composer, singer-songwriter (9" Nails)

James Rhodes - bipolar British classical pianist

Christina Ricci - depression, American actress

Anne Rice - depression, American writer

Cale Young Rice - depression, American poet, dramatist, suicide by gunshot

Ole Richter - depression, Norwegian lawyer, politician, statesman, Prime Minister, suicide by gunshot

Jacques Rigaut - depression, French poet, suicide by gunshot

Jeannie C. Riley - bipolar American musician, country, gospel singer

Rebecca Riley - bipolar American treated for bipolar since age 2, death by overdose of psychiatric drugs

Rainer Maria Rilke - depression, Austrian poet

LeAnn Rimes - depression, American country & pop singer

Joan Rivers - depression, American comedian, TV personality, actress

Lynn N. Rivers - bipolar U.S. Congress representative from Michigan

Roger-Arnould Riviere - depression, French poet, suicide by gassing

Rene Rivkin - bipolar American entrepeneur, suicide

Alys Robi - bipolar Canadian French translator, vocalist, Latin songs

Barret Robbins - bipolar American NFL football player

Johan Robeck - depression, Swedish-German philosopher, suicide by drowning

Dale Roberts - depression, English footballer, suicide by hanging

Rachel Roberts -  depression, Welsh actress, suicide by barbiturate ingestion

Svend Robinson - bipolar Canadian politician

Bill Robinzine - depression, American NBA basketball player, suicide by CO poisoning

Clark Rockefeller - bipolar German professional imposter, felon

John D. Rockefeller - depression, American industrialist

Charles Rocket - depression, American film and TV actor, suicide by slashed throat

Jamey Rodemeyer - depression, American teen victim of homophobic bullying, suicide by hanging

Avram Steuerman-Rodion - Romanian poet, anthologist, physician, socialist journalist, suicide by morphine overdose 

Miguel Rodriguez - depression, American 12-year-old student, physically and verbally bullied, suicide

Theodore Roethke - bipolar American poet

Jacob Rogers - depression, American, 18-year-old gay, bullied student, suicide

Will Rogers, Jr. - depression, son of famous humorist Will Rogers, actor, U.S. Representative, writer, commentater, newspaper owner/publisher, suicide

Dr. Peter Mark Roget - depression, British physician, natural theologian, lexicographer, creator of Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

Mark Rogowski - bipolar American skateboarder, murderer 

Ernst Rolf - depression, Swedish actor, singer, musical review artist, suicide by drowning (from resulting pneumonia)

Jesus Miguel Rollan - depression, Spanish Olympic water polo player, suicide by high leap

Erwin Rommel - depression, German field marshall, suicide by cyanide

George Romneydepression, American portrait painter 

Michael Roof - bipolar American actor and comedian, suicide by hanging

Eleanor Roosevelt - depression, American first-lady

Teddy Roosevelt - depression, American President

Axl Rose - bipolar American lead singer, frontman

Roseanne Barr - depression, American actress, comedian, writer, producer, director

Frank Rosolino - depression, American jazz vocalist, trombonist, suicide by gunshot

Amelia Rosselli - depression, Italian poet

Dante Gabriel Rossetti -depression, English poet, artist, illustrator, attempted suicide

Richard Rossi - bipolar American film-maker, musician, maverick minister

Gioachino Rossini - bipolar Italian classical composer

Iris von Rosen-Meyer - depression, German artist and jurist, suicide

Richard Rosson - depression, American actor, film director, suicide by CO gas

Mark Rothko - depression,  Russian-American painter, suicide by slashing arms and drug OD

Max Rothmann - depression, German neuroanatomist, physiologist, suicide

Hans Rott - depression, Austrian composer

Berton Roueche - depression, American medical writer, suicide by gunshot

Raymond Roussel - depression, French poet, novelist, playwright, musician, chess enthusiast, suicide by barbiturate overdose

Gerolamo Rovetta - depression, Italian writer, playwright, suicide

Jessica Rowe - depression, Australian TV news presenter

J.K. Rowling - depression, Scottish writer

Mahua Roychoudhury - depression, Bengali film actress, suicide

Irv Rubin - depression, American leader of the Jewish Defense League, suicide by slit throat and 18-story fall

Dave Rubinstein - depression, American punk musician (Reagan Youth), suicide by antidepressant overdose 

Edmund Ruffin - depression, wealthy American plantation owner-slaveholder, Confederate soldier, suicide by gunshot

Alice Ruhle-Gerstel - depression, German-Jewish writer, feminist, psychologist, suicide

Joel Rundell - depression, american musician (Better than Ezra), suicide

Ruon Lingyu - depression, chinese actress, suicide by overdose of barbiturates

Rupal - depression, drag performer, actor, singer, talk show host

Thomas Jefferson Rusk - depression, American Republic of Texas military leader, politician, suicide by gunshot

John Ruskin - bipolar English Victorian era art critic, art patron, writer, draftsman, watercolorist, social thinker, philanthropist writer

Rene Russo -bipolar American actress

Winona Ryder - depression, American actress

- S -


Yves Saint Laurent - depression, French fashion designer

Mario de Sa-Carneiro - depression, Portuguese poet, writer, suicide by swallowing strychnine

Gunter Sachs - depression, German photographer, author, suicide by gunshot

Theodore B. Sachs - depression, American physician, lawyer, suicide 

John Sadleir - depression, Irish member of Parliament, suicide by ingesting prussic acid

Jun Sadogawa - depression, Japanese manga author, suicide by hanging

Stig Saeterbakken - depression, Norwegian author

Latif Safarov - depression, Azierbaizani actor, movie director, suicide by gunshot

Daniel Safrit - depression, American 11-year-old bullied student, suicide

Kay Sage - depression, American Surrealist, poet, suicide by gunshot

Srijan Saha - depression, American, bullied 17-year-old student, suicide by driving into head-on traffic

Emilio Salgari - depression, Italian writer, suicide by disembowelment

J. D. Salinger - depression, American author

Jim Salinger - depression, New Zealand climate change scientist

Johanna Sallstrom - depression, Swedish actress, suicide by sleeping pills overdose

Albert Salmi - depression, American actor of stage, film, television, suicide by gunshot

Samson - depression, Old Testament prophet and strong man, suicide by temple cave-in

Thomas Parker Sanborn - depression, American poet, suicide by slit throat

George Sanders - depression, Russian-English film and TV actor, suicide ingesting 5 bottles of Nembutal

Steve Sanders - depression, American baritone vocalist, songwriter (Oak Ridge Boys), suicide by gunshot

Frankie Sandford - depression, English pop singer-songwriter

Sanmao - depression, Taiwanese novelist, translater, writer, suicide by hanging

Monica Santa Maria - depression, Peruvian model, TV hostess, suicide by gunshot

Nick Santino - depression, American actor, suicide

Alberto Santos-Dumont - depression, Brazilian aviation pioneer, suicide by hanging

Siegfried Sassoon - depression, British soldier, poet

Drake Sather - depression, American stand-up comedian, TV writer, suicide by gunshot

Saul - depression, Old Testament King of Israel

John Monk Saunders - depression,  American author, screenwriter, director, suicide by hanging

Terry Sawchuk - depression, Canadian hockey goaltender

Alexander Saxton - depression, American historian, novelist, professor, suicide by gunshot

David Scarboro - depression, British actor, suicide by throwing himself  from Beachy Head

Francesco Scavullo - depression, artist, fashion photographer

Petrus Schaesberg - depression, German artist art historian, editor, teacher, suicide by 8th floor leap

Gerhard Schedl - depression,  Austrian composer, suicide by gunshot

Stephen Scherer - depression, American Olympic air rifle shooter, suicide by gunshot

Runar Schildt - depression, Finnish author

Lori Schiller - bipolar writer, educator

Tino Schirinzi - depression, Italian actor, stage director, suicide by leap off of dam viaduct

Thomas Schleicher - depression, Austrian World Champion judoka, suicide

Sybille Schmitz - depression, German actress, suicide by sleeping pill overdose

Rudolph Schoenheimer - depression, German-American biochemist, suicide by ingesting cyanide

Robert Schommer - depression, American astronomer, suicide

Ernst Schroder - depression, German theater, film, TV actor, suicide by leaping out of a window

Dave Schulthise - depression, American punk bass guitarist (Dead Milkmen), suicide by drug overdose

Charles Schulz - depression, American cartoonist

Robert Schumann - bipolar German classical composer, music critic

Delmore Schwartz - bipolar American poet, short story writer, professor clinical depression 

L'Wren Scott - depression, American model, fashion and costume designer, girlfriend of Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger, suicide by hanging

Olivia Mae Scott - depression, American, bullied 16-year-old, suicide

Tony Scott - depression, British film director, suicide by jumping off of a bridge

Angela Scoular - bipolar English actress, suicide by ingesting acid

Alexander Scriabin - bipolar Russian classical composer, pianist

William Seabrook - depression, American occultist, explorer, cannibal, journalist, suicide by drug overdose

Junior Seau - depression, American NFL football player, gunshot to the chest

Jeffrey Sebelia - depression, American fashion designer

Jean Seberg - depression, American actress, suicide by ingesting barbiturates and alcohol

Rebecca Sedwick - depression, American, 12-year-old Florida student, bullied cyber, verbal, physical, suicide by high leap from tower

Sonia Sekula - depression, Swiss artist, suicide by hanging

Monica Seles - depression, Hungarian professional tennis player

Will Self - depression, English novelist, reviewer, columnist

Maurice Bernard Sendak - depression, American author

Seneca the Younger - depression, Roman stoic philosopher, suicide by steam asphyxiation

Llazi Serbo - depression, Albanian movie actor, director, suicide by gunshot

Shamil Serikov - depression, Soviet Olympic wrestler

Seung-Hui Cho - depression, -American mass killer

Seung-yeon Woo - depression, South Korean model, actress, suicide by hanging

Brian Sewell - depression, English art critic, media personality

Anne Sexton - depression, American poet, suicide by automotive CO poisoning

Linda Sexton - bipolar American writer, daughter of Anne Sexton

Wyatt Sexton - bipolar American NCAA football player

Amanda Seyfried - depression, actress, singer-songwriter, model

Melanie Shanahan - depression, Australian singer-songwriter (Arramaieda, Akasa), suicide