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Even when a disabled bipolar patient complies with his or her treatment plan, some symptoms may still be difficult to manage and may even prevent performance of even the simplest tasks. We've all seen the ads on TV for legal services to help people with bipolar disabilities obtain federal Social Security disability awards. They misrepresent the process as being as complex as brain surgery. It is not. Since bipolar disorder is both a permanent disease and its resulting disabilities already happen to be the fourth-highest reason for disability awards, it pays to know how to negotiate the ins and outs (You don't have to worry about the details of the Social Security Disability Act to obtain assistance).

Law firms typically skim 25% - 50% of a disabled person's back pay plus medical record handling and associated one-time fees of up to $500. This practice hurts those suffering disabilities who either live on little or who will live on little in spite of the fact it can easily be accomplished with this FREE INFO!

The simple truth is, a Bipolar or chronically depressed person who is disabled by the disease can apply for and receive a disability award by himself or herself without receiving third-party help: Gather all needed information and fill out the forms, using 8th-grade English or below—use simple vocabulary and short, declarative sentences to tell your story. Otherwise, your application may either confuse or be rejected by the initial government application screeners and gatekeepers.



Most bipolar-I patients easily meet the Social Security criteria:

  • You cannot do the work you did before

  • Your medical condition is severe (83% of bipolar disorder cases are severe)

  • Your medical condition prevents you from adjusting to other work

  • Your disability has either lasted, or is expected to last more than a year, or will result in death

Don't be fooled by anyone; check out Disability Secrets first!


Here is the claim process.    

You can save time and money using the steps below: Apply online from your home or local library rather than repeatedly traveling to and from your nearest Social Security Office. Based upon your application information and your doctor's responses to a state medical board's questions, your disability request will be granted or declined. You may appeal declinations. Many times it will require more than one claim application before your disability request is granted. Re-apply after the designated waiting period if your initial disability request is turned down.

  • You may wish to browse through the well-organized Social Security website before proceeding with your disabilty application

 This Social Security disability process may require several months, so please be patient--it's a virtue.

If you are uncomfortable applying in the above fashion, purchase:

Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability for a more detailed approach...

U. S. Federal Disability Awards for Mood Disorders Bipolar and Depression




Work, Employer & Employee


Global map of depression


With regard to mental illness:

"Suicide is not chosen; it happens
when pain exceeds 
resources for coping with pain."

 Jeff Baker, BSBA-IT,   Bipolar Aid,  Bella Vista, AR 72715  USA



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